A Woman Arrested for Harassing and Blackmailing a Man in Sindh on Social Media
A Woman Arrested for Harassing and Blackmailing a Man in Sindh on Social Media

A lady hassled and coerced a man in Interior Sindh and right around a month prior the body of evidence was enlisted against the lady by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The case was in itself a significant uncommon occurrence.

According to the FIA Sindh Director Muneer Sheik in April the man documented the protestation against the lady for irritating and blacking him through web-based social networking destinations. He said the lady was bugging him on Facebook and WhatsApp. She was sending him revolting and obscene pictures. Additionally, she requested cash from him, in this manner coercing him too.

In this manner the casualty issued a grievance to the FIA Cybercrime Wing which made the move and captured the lady. The authorities likewise took her PC and cellphone. Amid the examination, the lady admitted that she was annoying the casualty since he declined to wed her. However, the FIA shut the case as the issue was settled between the casualty and the harasser.

It is a significant uncommon episode in light of the fact that ordinarily we hear cases the other path round, that a man is extorting and pestering a lady. A lady being the harasser and the man being the casualty is something we don’t hear a great deal. Yet, it is a piece of our general public. It is imperative that a man who is being bothered by a lady is overcome enough to approach and it is similarly essential that they are considered important by the experts which for this situation was finished by Federal Investigation Agency, Sindh. Likewise, if a lady is being bugged by a man she ought to likewise document a grievance since badgering isn’t something that can be messed with or more awful disregarded. We have to talk about it to stop it.


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