A message is getting viral on the greatest online networking App WhatsApp. On accepting this message, the application gets slammed according to the reports. It is Telugu content message comprising of a “Telugu” content bomb. The message is, “‘I can hang your WhatsApp for some time, simply touch underneath message.”

Be careful – A viral message is freezing WhatsApp

The message is being sent to both Android and iPhone clients. There is a dark symbol that it is shown in the message. On the off chance that you click it, your WhatsApp will get inert for quite a while. Presently the purpose behind the crash isn’t the dark symbol. The application is smashing on the grounds that there is a space in the middle of the content return and the dark speck. At the point when the message is changed over into the HTML organize it is seen that the content has a right-to-left stamp. It is an imperceptible character which isolates left-to-right check from the right-to-left stamp. Presently WhatsApp utilizes the left-to-right check, not ideal to-left stamp. As the designing isn’t right in the content, it is driving WhatsApp to alter its course and bringing about its crash.

Be careful – A viral message is freezing WhatsApp

The message being flowed, as appeared above, resembles a spam quickly and any regular man can comprehend that. Yet, a few clients to clear something up or without speculation by any means, tap on the message. Along these lines WhatsApp gets lethargic for quite a while.

WhatsApp is the most well known application all inclusive. By and by the application is getting numerous updates alongside the Group Video Call highlight as reported by Director WhatsApp Mubarik Imam.

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WhatsApp propelled Restrict Group highlight for administrators.

Likewise, WhatsApp propelled Restrict Group highlight for administrators. This element would give the gathering administrators choice to confine alternate individuals from sending instant messages, recordings, GIFs, archives, photos or voice messages.


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