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Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Like most of the world, most web developers use Google Chrome for work (Google Chrome by various reports holds close to 60% of the browser market share). So we’ve put together a short list of what we think are the best Chrome extensions for web developers.

While you would have probably heard of a few of these popular ones in the list we’ve dug deeper and pulled out a few potential gems.

What is browser extension?

Extensions are software programs that you can download and attach to your browser to help make you’re work while browsing the internet easier better and more customized to what you want in your browsing experience.

best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers


Touted as a great automatic testing tool especially for users with no knowledge of coding. CloudQA’s other features also include playing back recorded tests to save time.


CloudQA Chrome extension
CloudQA Chrome extension


Tag Assistant (by Google):

This chrome extension will help you identify and resolve any issues (such as tags not present, tags not firing and more) with any Google tags related to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Adwords Conversion Tracking Google Publisher Tag etc. You can also record a user’s journey through your website and validate how well your tags are working.


Tag Assistant Chrome extension
Tag Assistant Chrome extension

Web developer


The Web Developer Chrome extension adds various web developer tools to your Chrome toolbar to help you with CSS, JS, images, forms, responsiveness, cookies and more.


Web Developer
Web Developer


Search stackoverflow:

No web developer is unfamiliar with Stack and how useful it is. The search stackoverflow chrome extension increases the ease of accessing your favorite resource. Just click on the tool icon and enter your search terms.

Search stackoverflow
Search stackoverflow


The Clockwork chrome extension provides web developers with access to php development tools right in the browser.



WhatFont lets you inspect web fonts just by just hovering over it. Clicking on the color block will switch the hex code to rgb.

Web Developer Checklist
Web Developer Checklist

Web Developer Checklist:

The Web Developer Checklist chrome extension allows you to easily identify issues on your website and offers links to help you with further information about each item.

It also offers you a view to a more extensive checklist for your website to help you cover all important website essentials.

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