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Learn WordPress Tricks and tips how to make website without having knowledge of coding

How to create a website

How to design a website without knowledge of coding in WordPress

How to create a website without coding  or no knowledge of coding How to create a website In order to create a website it’s very simple and most easy to create your own website nowadays just in few steps. Requirements to create a website What do you need to know …

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How to reset WordPress admin password

How to reset WordPress admin password There are two ways to reset WordPress admin password if you have forget your admin password. Reset your password using WordPress forget password option Reset your Password through Database Using CPanel. In first case it requires your email or username when you will enter …

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Improve database Performance MySQL Tuner

MySQL Tuner Database Optimization

MySQL Tuner Improve database Performance Running MySQL at optimal settings for specific resources helps handle larger server loads and prevents server slowdown. Generally, after tuning Apache to handle larger loads, it is beneficial to tune MySQL to additional connections. Most of the times when you have issue with MySQL due to overloading …

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best Website Speed test tools

website performance testing tools

Pingdom Website Speed Test Pingdom tools is one of the best website speed analysis tool that describes how your site is loading towards user the time it is taking and the efficiency of your pages it is pretty much simple to analyze  just Enter a URL to test the load time …

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Best wordpress seo tips

WordPress SEO TIPS

Best WordPress SEO Tips to improve ranking   If you are planning to take part in the battler of search engine optimization and internet marketing choosing WordPress as your SEO platform, you have made a wise and great step to successfully marketing your business or website. WordPress has several built-in features …

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how to Speed Up WordPress website

how to Speed Up WordPress website

how to Speed Up WordPress website This article is about Ways to Speed up WordPress Websites, as WordPress is a great and famous platform so people are making tons of websites on it. But this CMS has a weak point too which is its slow speed, without taking proper steps …

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wordpress theme customization from scratch

wp theme Customization

Procedure to create a WordPress theme from scratch You will do all the related work to create WordPress theme in the wp_content directory only. Just make a new theme sub folder in the wp_content → Themes folder. Let’s assume you name it “mytheme”. The second thing you decide is the …

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WordPress Theme Understanding


To create a website you need a theme to support your envisioned design. Basically a theme is a set of files that provide you with a layout design of your WordPress site. A WordPress theme has the capability of transforming your website to its entirety.. If you change your theme …

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Install WordPress on local computer

woredpress instattaion step 2

You can install WordPress on your local computer using local server XAMPP WAMP or any other local server you do have or can install easily XAMPP Installation Get start with setup you have to download the XAMPP software from internet from any of the trusted website and then you have …

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How to create website in wordpress

WordPress is the The most popular website engine in the world, WordPress, released its new 4.9 version on November 16. WordPress 4.9 ‘Tipton’ quickly gained the status of a milestone in website design development and is predicted to become one of the major web development trends 2018. Let’s see what …

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Plugins to Convert Websites into Mobile Apps

convert wordpress website into mobile app using plugins

Plugins to Convert Websites into Mobile Apps Most websites now a days have an accompanying mobile app and most of them are going towards that. A significant amount of user traffic is generated through these apps as lot of users now browse through mobile applications and keep themselves updated. Even …

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