Habib jalib biography

Habib Jalib was a Pakistani revolutionary poet, born on March 24, 1928, Hoshiarpur, India

And passed away on March 13, 1993, Lahore He was a Left-wing activist and politician who opposed the martial law, authoritarianism and state oppression. Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz paid tributes to him by saying that he was truly the poet of the masses.

The history of Urdu Poetry is filled with many multi-talented Poet and Poetess who worked really hard to recognize Urdu Poetry all over the world. Habib Jalib is a revolutionary Urdu Poet of the 20th century, the whose passion behind his words, the style of delivering his poems and his emotional energy associated with the sensitivity of the socio-political perspective are whatever.

Habib Jalib Poetry
Habib Jalib Poetry

Habib Jalib was the founder of the poetry to fight against the politics their real name was Habib Ahmed and father name was Sufi Inayat Ullah Khan who was fond of Allah Iqbal Poetry. He spent his early life in Hoshiarpur and then after Second world war their father go to Dehli.at the age of 14 he was admitted in Anglo Arabic School Dehli in 7th class at the age of 14. He was more likely interested in Poetry other than studies.

habib jalib poetry famous
habib jalib poetry famous

After Pakistan independence, they shifted to Karachi and studied in Jackob Lines School. During that time likeliness to poetry they joined Murad Abadi then they joined Haider Bakhsh Jatoi Tehreek in 1954. At that time they fought against the Administration of Ayub Khan and attend mushaira and jalos during that time and write poems about Intel. In this way, they grow up and write their poetry about Inaelab and poetry related that



  1. Ok thanks for your kind Information Dear Tahira i am going to update it

    “We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.” (Surah Baraqah Chapter 2 Verse 156).
    No doubt it is very painful day for you and the family as you have missed your beloved father nothing can fulfill the loss.
    May Allah (SWT) grant them Jannatul-Firdaus and forgive there all major and minors mistakes. May their grave be a place of comfort and light and Allah make them pass successfully in all the stages of the life after death Ameen!

  2. Kindly notice it down the actual date of death the Revolutionary Poet Habib Jalib is 13th March rather than 12th March please clear this contradiction.
    Tahira Habib Jalib d/o Habib Jalib the Revolutionary Poet of Pakistan.


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