It seems very dangerous as we are moving towards unemployment in near future. It is very difficult to describe we are on the list of those countries, Where we have no more jobs for everyone according to UNDP report. PAKISTAN need to generate more than 1.3 Million more jobs each year.

It means we don’t have jobs for more than the figure mentioned people every year. These people get unemployed. This is getting multiply each year so it is very difficult for us to tackle this ghost of unemployment that is overlapping our country.

As well with the rapid growth in technology, the manpower is being shifted with the machines. Now it is very difficult to survive in the near future. So there is a severe need in Pakistan we should create. those people who should create business opportunities for themselves and for others as well.

so we dearly  need the lifters who can carry many others with them, for this reason, there is a need the to be applied on Government Level. the Government should support the small business owners and encourage the others to take part in this .

We are living in the era where the world has become a global village and the whole world is our marketplace. we have to polish the skills of our youth to tackle with the huge market owners those who have made us as a consumer.

we should start with our own platform like Facebook Google What’s App and many others which are capturing us using us and getting the cream from our country towards themselves. we can’t forget and avoid the facts that India is overtaking us in the field of technology. India has captured vast of IT Industry.

If we don’t think and take steps at this time then it will be difficult for us to survive in the coming future.


The world economic forum says there are cretin skills that are most important for the jobs in future. These are very important for jobs and skills in the future but these are not in the course study. In order to complete the needs of future, we must adopt few skills and the skills that will have their value in future as well.

  • Complex Problem Solving

    • Complex problem-solving skill will be the most valuable in the recent future as the technology is taking place the men power but the people having skills to solve complex problems will survive how can we solve complex problems with our own decisions and analysis.
    • We have big data but the decision has to made by humans
      • i.e recently jet airways have a complaint about what they have a robot feedback system they have to complain about flying me to Bangalore and my bag to Hyderabad  that was a complain but the machine respond thank you very much for having a nice idea and please do fly with us again  
  • People Handling and Management

    • People management is the skill that will also be needed in future as companies are shifting robots and artificial intelligence but there is a gap between humans and technology robots and machines cant understand the emotions and way of people understand and respond in different situations and circumstances.
    • no one can reach the destination alone
  • Coordinating with Others

    • Coordinating with others the people from different streams is the most important this is also linked to the above skills to understand the basic human need and how people think and what they want and how to stay connected with them
  • Creativity

    • Is the most important skill for the long-term success and is required always the new ideas innovations
  • Emotional intelligence

    • This is also the most important skill that would be required by 2020
    • how to respond to and control the emotions this is the most important skill for future how you can handle the emotions and how you can use this intelligence
  • judgment and decision-making

    • This is most important to make a decision form the different situation
  • Service Orientation

    • how can we help how can we server how to respond people
  • Cognitive flexibility

    • the ability of our brain to adopt change this is the most difficult for people like when the computer came was very difficult to adopt it Respond the change  adopt the change how we respond the change and how we adopt it
  • Negotiation skills.

    • How to deal with people and negotiate in different visitations and circumstances

So these are the most common skills we must have to survive in future connect the dots what is required how to connect with peoples and needs of the people what people demand and what is the need for the people we have to think and adopt the skills


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