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how to design a website
how to design a website

How to create a website

How to create a website

How to create a website In order to create a website it’s very simple and most easy to create your own website now a days just in few steps.

Requirements to create a website

What do you need to know or what you must have to start your own website?


What is domain its name of your website like Seikho.com

Seikho is the name of your business and .com is type of domain this is a commercial domain type it means your business on this domain is commercial of nature. What should be name of our website or domain or business it’s very important to choose a domain name there are few things that should be kept in mind while choosing a best domain name.

  • Domain Name should be unique
  • Domain Name must present your business identity
  • Domain Name should be as short as possible
  • Domain Name should be correct English word in the dictionary
  • Domain Name should be the as your services or must represent your services
  • Domain name should not contain any special characters
  • Domain Name should be easy to Understand must have clear meaning and understanding


These are few major things which should be kept in mind while choosing a good Business Name

Once you have finalized your domain name don’t wait for anything reserve it quickly it may happen someone else can have your name and you can lose your selected name as lot of other people in the world are in the same effort and business you are going through. Register your domain from any of the good reputation company in your approach or online.


Hosting is the space you have purchased on the live server that may be anywhere in the world you can access this space through any panel or username and password. Once you have purchased both domain and hosting now you are ready to start your business just one click away.

Now you are ready to start your own website or business that will be visible all around the world

Before going to develop you must have your contents ready

Logo banners and contents for some pages and other related services

Now you have to choose how your website and in which module you want to made

There are various ways to develop website but the most easiest and common now a days I am going to share with you soon



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