how to make  usb bootable

There are several ways to install windows in our computer which one is the best and fast way and common now a days is to install windows using USB Drive. There are several steps to make a usb bootable listed below.

  1. Plug usb with your pc and use command DISKPART.
    1. DISKPART  Diskpart is the windows utility used to make usb drive bootable.
  2. LIST DISK  now type list disk .
  3. SELECT DISK    after list disk it will show you the no of disk connected with your computer see the no of USB Drive it might be a dighit   0 or 1   and 2 depends on devices connected with your computer.(You can judge you
  4. CLEAN Type clean and hit enter it will clean your usb drive.
  5. after cleaning usb now  enter command CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY  Make the usb as a primary partition
  6. Now enter the command Select Partition 1
  7. Now enter the command Active
  8.   format fs=fat32 quick  usb drive format default is fat32 quick  you can also  use format fs= NTFS quick.
  9. Assign  is used to assign any drive letter to our USB
  10. exit

Now USB have become bootable now you can use it to boot window form here you must have windows CD or data of window in anywhere which you have to store on the root of your USB and plug your USB with computer it is now ready to Install window.

Below screen consists all steps required for the window to make bootable

USB Bootable
how to make a usb bootable




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