Do you have different Facebook accounts? Or on the other hand do you share your PC/workstation with somebody and both of you are signed in to Facebook with a similar gadget? Or on the other hand do you have a profile especially for work and one individual Facebook profile?

How to switch between Facebook profiles on desktop

Whatever the case might be, on the off chance that you utilize an indistinguishable gadget from another person for getting to Facebook, at that point you would be cheerful to realize that the long range informal communication stage has made it simple to switch between two records. Nonetheless, take note of this must be done on work area and not on the application.

Facebook for work area now has an Account Switcher catch which seems ok alongside your profile name. The component gives you a chance to signify ten profiles to your gadget, so it should end up being valuable for relatives who share a PC for signing in to Facebook.

Here’s a well ordered guide on how you can do it:

Stage 1: Log in to Facebook.

Stage 2: Click on the Account Switcher catch beside your profile name.

Stage 3: Select Add Account. This will take you to the Login page.

Stage 4: Add your email address/telephone number and secret word.

Stage 5: You can either choose recall secret word in the event that you wish to switch accounts without signing in over and over. Nonetheless, you can avoid that alternative in the event that you need to include an additional layer of security.

Stage 6: Post this, you’ll see both the records on tapping the Account Switcher catch. Simply select the record you wish to sign in to. Note that the record you are signed in to will be set apart with a green speck on upper right.

Just on the off chance that you alter your opinion later and don’t wish to keep in excess of one record on your PC, you’ll be glad to realize that it’s anything but difficult to change this. Simply tap the Account Switcher catch and select the little ‘X’ on upper right of the record you need to expel. That will do the needful.


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