Humanity Empowerment

The word humanity is derived from the Latin word humanitas for “human nature, kindness.”  Humanity definition is the human race, which includes everyone on Earth. It’s also a word for the qualities that make us human, such as the ability to love and have compassion, be creative, and not be a robot or alien.

Humanity includes all the humans, but it can also refer to the kind feelings humans often have for each other. But when you talk about humanity, you could just be talking about people as a whole. When people ask for money to help feed starving children, they’re appealing to your sense of humanity and it’s a natural phenomenon in almost all the mankind have a part in somewhere sometimes hidden is triggered by any incident word speech or happening around us.

Why and How Humanity works

I Have seen and noticed kind and golden people around me and noticed all over the world there are few people in the society who are making a big change in our society they are contributing their and part of a few others as well they think big and do big they are the people due to whom the world is going on after having a connection to those people we get motivated and our morale go to the highest level.

People will live in and after the world which lives in the hearts of people who spread easy-ness and love for others.

Our Contribution to Humanity

My mindset regarding this was very different few years back but changed after having and analyzing a few people in our society.

My perception regarding humanity was the people who have a lot of money and they have a kind heart and help to the needy is called humanity when I noticed things and happenings in front of me my perception totally get changed I think earlier no one can help others until he is on the stage he have a lot of money no doubt money is the one thing that is more valuable in this era but rather than this there are lot of other ways.

We can do and share our things everything and we can help others through that if we discuss a country like Pakistan and India we came across thousands of such obstacles to whom we have to sort out or we have to work about but the issues are huge enough it seems to be unsolvable but after thinking that we can’t leave them as it is we should serve in our area of concern spread happiness it increases the value and makes it many more than the exact one.

If we will not step forward why should we always for anyone to come and solve our problems I think we have to step forward collectively. Almighty Allah have given us the power and strength so why should we wait if a blind person can step forward and can provide jobs to hundreds of other of his own area the blind one then why we with having all facilities can’t do anything for others the main reason is we are slow enough and the second reason we think we can’t do and this happens truly if you think big and make a positive and right effort for that then the Superpower from Almighty Allah will support and contribute with you to solve that or made that happen.

Being a most valuable creative of our creator why don’t we think big and positive it’s not the money that you can do for other you can do anything just a true smile and nice piece of communication you have with others have no value. Define your area of strength and do your best in that area if everyone has strength in his area serves then nothing will remain that is to be solved the only thing is to think positive and big and do that with your full strength and energy you will be definitely successful.


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