Hunerkada College of Visual and Performing Arts Lahore Pakistan.offer a variety of short-term and degree courses.

Here are the courses list with contents and course plans.


We aim to provide state of the art practical skill-based knowledge to our prospective students. HUNERKADA renowned in the field of Fine arts (Drawing&Painting, Sculpture, Miniature, Printmaking,) and Design (Textile design, Graphic design, Product & Ceramics.

HUNERKADA was founded in 1992 in Islamabad and 1997 in Lahore as a non-government and not-for-profit College with a committed program of propagating and promoting Visual and Performing Arts. It a four-year Degree program in Fine Arts and Design. Certificate and Diploma courses are also in various disciplines. Hunerkada has undertaken many projects with, World Bank, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, Cold Water, BRSP, BKTEF, and many other NGOs as consultants.

The college has a capable team of highly qualified and motivated individuals from areas of interest to contribute to such projects. Currently, Hunerkada is working with UNICEF and ministry of education to develop an interactive Arts program for the community-based schools in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. HUNERKADA is also developing a resource base for teaching Quranic Calligraphy and traditional Islamic Arts. Hunerkada is a project of the Art Association of Pakistan registered under Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860 registration No.RS/ICT/167 of 1992.

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Drawing challenges and develops the ability to look first, inquisitively and then to see comprehensively. the courses in Drawing involves participants in working out solutions to drawing problems by finding the relationships between parts and breaking down the design into its

Components. Drawing is an investigation which seeks 2-Dimensional translation of                 3-Dimensional realties. Drawing is the primary and often first exhibited impulse of the creative mind. Learning to draw inquisitively is similar to learning a new language.


Study Volume through Line

Composition Methods

Tonal Drawing from other mediums

Study Perspective

Pattern Design in Drawing

Human Figure with Anatomy Lessons

Basic Assignments for Learning

Action Based Human Figure

Introduction to Qualities Of Paper & Printing


Students are guided towards self-expression and communication through visual arts. A sense of accurate perception is developed through painting from observation. Exercises are carried out with a focus on color in nature, landscape, still life, composition, and portraiture. This course introduces students to classical and contemporary paintings, techniques and concepts.


Water Colors



Oil Paints

Mix Media

Image Makinghunerkada college of arts


The course in Print Making is geared to encourage students to formulate and articulate their philosophical and personal concepts and translate them into visual ideas. The program meets these objectives by offering a mix of intensive studio experience with critical theoretical dialogue. It is dedicated to acquainting students with the rich and diverse world of multicultural art and its formative impact on the contemporary art scene.




Dry Point


Screen Printing

Chinese Collie


Aquatint on Copper & Zinc Plate

Miniature PAINTING

The course covers every aspect of Miniature Painting from start to finish by adopting a one-on-one approach. Students get familiar with blending colors, learn to do proper metalic and me frame. This class is open to newcomers and experienced painters who want to take their painting skills to a higher level.


Pencil Work (2 Months)

Making of wasli

Making of Brush

Siah Qalam (2 Months)

Neem rang & Ghad Rang (3 Months)

Experimental Work (5 Months)


The course provides an overview of skills used to create 3-Dimensional art to explore traditional and contemporary Sculpture materials. Emphasis is on both additive and subtractive methods of working. Goals include acquiring technical skills, understanding the physical and expressive possibilities of Sculpture and learning safe, appropriate use of tools and materials.


Working in Clay

Molding & Casting

Stone Carving

Wood Carving

Block Carving

Metal Construction

Direct Plaster Life

Human Head

Soft Structure


Fiber Glass



The practical module gives you an opportunity to begin practice Arabic Calligraphy, prepare its writing implements and study the stylistic and historical developments, of the art. Students will be introduced to Arabic script from the pre-Islamic times to the age of the computer.







Modern Calligraphy


The certificate programmer in Graphic Design provides a working Knowledge of the basic       Graphic Design field for use in Advertising, Print                     Production, Design, Web Design & Freelance commercial art. Graphic Design is such an important part of our Visual world that we can see examples of it almost everywhere we look. Our daily newspaper or favorite magazine has its layout and visual content prepared by a Graphic Designer. Commercials, whether print or                  multimedia, have been through a Graphic


Principles of Design

Principles in Posters

Grid Design

Typography Assignments

Stationery Design

Invitation Card

Packaging Design


Self Portrait

Logo Design

Color Intensity

Color Wheel

Line Practice

Block Design

Tile Design


This course gives the lesson to learn the usage of basic tools of two soft wares. The Introduction to Working with Images section provides an introduction to Photoshop 7.0 and image properties. You learn how to use the selection tools and the basic image manipulation tools. Working with Color, Layers, and Photographs section teaches about the color selection tools and how to adjust color. You also learn about the Layers palette and how to design layouts & render the fashion figures & create textile prints on the computer


Subject & requirements

Introduction of tools

Color theory

Tracing of print & Motifs

Motifs Creation process

Industrial Repeats

Design Development

Flat Bed Design

Rotary Design

Digital Printing

Channels Work

Rotary Design

Buzzer Design

Digital Design


The idea of the program is to develop the ability to transform an idea into clothing and fashion accessories. From freehand to adobe illustrator, Photoshop all is taught to the students to be confident enough to work with professional Fashion Designers.


Fashion Drawings

Elements and principal of design


Concepts and techniques

Drafting and Pattern

Cutting and Stitching

Embellishment and Fabric Manipulation

Market survey and Knowing Fashion Trends


The course in Interior Design allows participants to demonstrate their creativity by forming beautiful spaces for life and work. From the basic principles and elements of design to full renderings in Photoshop and AutoCAD, participants work with different shapes, colors, textures, materials, and lighting to create designs. They learn to analyze interiors and create both two and three-dimensional plans incorporating design theory, material, and furniture specifications.


3d Drawing








AutoCAD 2d & 3D

3D MAX Rending



Today we’ll be walking through the concept of exposure, right from the beginning. This article befuddles you with complicated numbers and jargon, but it will help you feel more confident with your photography and understand a core concept that’s a vital piece of the photography jigsaw.


Digital Photography


Shutter & Aperture

Composition of Light

Indoor Photography

Outdoor Photography

Product Photography

The Mask

Retouching Portrait

Body Snatchers

Special Effects

Black in Black

Sharp Dressed

Show Must Go On


The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of music vary according to culture and social context. Music ranges from strictly organized compositions (and their recreation in performance), through improvisational music to aleatoric forms. Music can be divided into genres and subgenres, although the dividing lines and relationships between music genres are often subtle, sometimes open to personal interpretation, and occasionally controversial. Within the arts, music may be classified as a performing art, a fine art, and auditory art. It may also be divided among art music and folk music.










This workshop focuses on basic hand building techniques of Ceramics. Learning these techniques will help to try out various exciting and innovative art forms with just a lump of clay.


Pinch Method

Coil Method

Slab Method

Slab Method

Creative Forms

Decorative Forms





The web is the part of the internet that laymen, as well as technology professionals, interact with alike. For this, Hunerkada state-of-the-art course for design and development focuses on inculcating the most fundamental aspects of design advancing an understanding of visual elements align themselves with the magical-like interactivity that we see today. The courseware has been formulated to distinguish between design and development concepts, joining the two later on, with the introduction of software packages and other tools of the trade, used by industry professionals today.









Mobile App Development

“Mobile is the future of Software Development” Usage of mobile phones has increased in the past few years. in the number of active mobile phones. About 70% of our current population. Every month sees an increase of around 6 million subscribers.

With the increase in the number and make of mobile phones, there comes a demand for better applications. And in turn, the huge scope of android mobile application development all over the World.


Java OOP Overview

Android SDK

Android Libraries


App Framework




User Interfaces

Menu dialogs Graphics Animations



Hand Embroidery & Embellishment

To further enhance the artistic sense as well as careers of professionals, Hunerkada has a very focused Embroidery & Embellishments course, which imparts aesthetic as well as vocational training. This helps by broadening the student’s perspective, further leading to easily recognizing new trends and opportunities, understanding the market and its potential, and also furthering their own craft through experimentation and exposure.


Design Development

Hand Embroidery Stitches

Drawing and Tracing

Embroidery Extension and Embellishment

Project Work

Market Research


Jewelry & Accessories

The main aim of this curriculum is to provide basic conceptual & practical training in Vocational trades along with creative art & craft skills so that trainees are able to produce Jewellery &             Accessories design work according to industry demand.

On completion of the course, the trainees will be able to do drawing, design, Jewelry &                     Accessories products. This course will also determine the level of proficiency, and the ability to use basic skills. The course is designed/developed by keeping in view the requirements of modern trends and also incorporating traditional elements.


Java OOP Overview

Android SDK

Android Libraries


App Framework




User Interfaces

Menu dialogs Graphics Animations


Pattern Drafting & Cutting

On completion of the course, the trainees will be able to do the drawing, design, draft pattern, Cutting, Sewing, Art & craft, Textile design, and Techniques. 

This course will also determine the level of proficiency, and the ability to use basic skills. The course is designed/developed by keeping in view the requirements of modern trends and also incorporating traditional elements. 



Introduction to Drawing & Design

Introduction to Pattern & Drafting

Introduction to Tools

Terms used in Pattern & Drafting

Scale Reading & Writing

Body Measurements

Pattern Instructions


   Grain Line

   Centre Back

   Balance marks

   Seam Allowance

Industrial Stitching Machine Operator

This course is designed for the participants who want to join the garment industry as an Industrial    Stitching Machine Operator.  In this course, the student will get the operating skill and knowledge of special garment machines and their functions.          

This course aims at producing skilled manpower for Garments Industry in the field of Industrial   Stitching Machine Operator.  This skilled manpower shall be given

adequate training in operating the various stitching machines generally in use in Garments industry. 



Introduction to Machines

Operator Sitting Postures

Machine Maintenance


Needle Thread Knowledge

Machine control exercises

Panel exercises

Machine Settings


Textile Weaving

This course is designed to include an overview of designing, drafting, and basic weaving structures ND patterns and complete instructional for quality warping and weaving techniques. Whether for the home or for the commercial market, the course covers everything from how to look at the current work in the market and also to understand and appreciate upcoming trends.


Design Development

Hand Loom Making

Weaving Process & Types

   Plain Weave

   Twill Weave

   Satin Weave

   Basket Weave

   Experimental Weave

Project Work

Market Research


Personality self enhancement and grooming. To become a facilitator at various mental health institutions. Personality self enhancement and grooming. To build your career as a mental health professional. Personality self enhancement and grooming. To becomea mental health professional.



   History taking

   Mental status examination and Psychological


   Psychotherapeutic intervention

   (Techniques based upon the

   Methodologies of drama therapy)

TV Anchoring

A brief course in which knowledge of different techniques agent media (TV Anchoring) will introduce and trained participants to become an active part of media.TV anchoring course will focus on the psychological determinants of effective communication, basic pronouncition and dictation, voice modulation, camera friendliness and script writing.


Introduction to Radio an TV Presenting

Matching your style and personality.

Voice should convey credibility. How?

Get up relating to the camera.

Guest speaker Anchor Person

Voice: Resonance, Clarity, Spontaneity, Ad-lib

Technical Aspects of studio and spot.

Visit of TV Channel

Different styles of presenting.

Voice over skill (Know your speed rate)

Guest speaker Anchor Person

Visit of TV Channel

Auto CAD

Nowadays computer technology allows us to develop real world objects in their 3D form. This enables us to evaluate many aspects of the design and development phases before even having laid a single brick. This is the world of 2D and 3D design. Hunerkada curricula is geared towards this discipline through the use of the industry-standard software package named AutoCAD. Our programs takes students through the basics of 2D drafting with an acute focus on developing these practices further for 3D development and design. Due to this students develop the design sense which is essential to a professional and balanced career.


AutoCAD Basic Tools & Commands

AutoCAD 2D Architectures

AutoCAD Working Drawings

AutoCAD 3D Developments

AutoCAD Basic Rendering

Fabric & Screen Printing

Extending the textile printing technique, students are directed in this course to explore thier own sense of design through printing. Their personal preferences and imagery enable them to relate with the material in a much more dynamic and intense way as compared to other skills, and allows them to use the screen as a medium for expression rather than simple projection.


Design Development

Screen Making

Paper Stencil

Emulation Process

Project Work

Market Research

Documentary & Short Film making

Learn to express yourself through films for inspiring, entertaining, educating or communicating to a global audience. Learn to define your idea in a short paragraph also called one line story       (Synopsis) and to Plot your idea into a story.


  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post Production


Production Planning for a Film/ Documentary

Production Management

Time Management for Completing Tasks


Camera Settings & Operating

Recording on Location

Sound Effect Techniques

Backing up Data

Basic Animation

Applying Sounds

Final Project



Often, Art and Design are terms used interchangeably, while the means through which these disciplines were conceived, and further through which they have evolved, are poles apart. Hunerkada, recognizing this misconception, and the need to appreciate the differences, approaches Art and Design, with a course that focuses on Expressions and Dialogue. The idea is to help the artist embrace Art as a means of self-expression, and Design as the medium for conversation… both enabling the individual to voice his or her understanding in a language completely composed of thier own feelings, experiences and conclusions.


Introduction to Design

Color theory

Design Element

Design Development

Procedure of Design

Portfolio Development

Compiled Portfolio


Wilcox is the world leading digitizing software that allows you to create an embroidered design on the computer, and transfer it to a machine to stitch out. Wilcox is widely used around the world.


Input methods and editing tools

Stitch Types

Color and needle information

Color pallet editor to assign threads

Input tools to digitize designs

Editing tools

Object list to make the embroidery

Production work sheets

Preparing embroidery designs for export


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