Today, edotco Pakistan Private Limited (edotco PK), acquired the endorsement of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA Approves on the difference in shareholding in edotco PK by method for membership by Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp) of 45% of the offer capital of edotco PK, a conclusion to-end telecom foundation administrations organization. PTA Approves Investment in Telecom Tower-Sharing Services Company

This positive choice of the Government and the Regulator is an appreciated advancement of the computerized plan making Pakistan an alluring goal for remote speculation.

PTA Approves Investment in Telecom Tower

The above imprints one of the endorsements identified with the exchange ventures on the procurement by edotco PK of Jazz’s arrangement of 13,000 pinnacle resources as of now under Deodar Private Limited (Deodar).

Advance administrative endorsements are in procedure of being conceded by PTA on the difference in shareholding structure in Deodar, and by State Bank of Pakistan on the subsidizing of the obtaining.

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About edotco Group

Set up in 2012, edotco is the principal local and incorporated broadcast communications foundation administrations organization in Asia, giving end-to-end arrangements in the pinnacle administrations segment from tower renting, co-areas, work to-suit, vitality, transmission and activities and upkeep (O&M). (Possessed by Axiata) edotco works and deals with a local arrangement of more than 27,000 towers crosswise over center markets of Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Pakistan with more than 16,500 towers specifically worked by edotco and a further 10,500 towers oversaw through a scope of administrations gave.

About DH Corp

Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited (DH Corp) is a speculation organization recorded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, with a market capitalization of around USD 580 million. DH Corp’s vision is to make key necessities accessible, moderate and maintainable for the creating scene by means of blending capital with ability and with thoughts that will have the greatest effect.


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