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What is stress and how to loose it ways

What is stress and how to loose it ways

What is stress and how to loose it ways

  1. Change the Patterns of your life Allah have made the human being that are connected with change.

You must have the sources of Catharsis






Every work have its zakat must have that one you will get the best solution skills also have a zakat must have exercise world have gone towards statics that the people who do exercise they have less stress hormones released the total metabolism of the body is changed if you are in stress just walk .

Must have people in the world which have to share with you the whole England have 350 crore pets they share there things with them they have their catharsis source animals when you share your things

Never forget your roots the stress is from the responsibilities the time have given see your roots then you will also forget the stress we are by nature human beings

Manage stress connect with nature you will lose stress whenever you connect with nature like see the sun while rising you will lose the stress it fills the emotions change in weather sunrise see it feel the taste feel the innocence of the child everything must be felt your whole things will be changed the innocence also change the stress nature have healing of losing stress in the child when you spend some time with the innocent you will lose stress

The world says the best source of losing stress is your family life and the family is natural family if the family is best if you are in the challenges you must have better family or make family grooming share the things happiness and realize the responsibilities of yourself it will create communication gap will create stress this is natural .

Human Bing need someone share the happiness and the sadness the.

Spread happiness and peace in your life never compromise find out the sources of your peace and comfort quality food must be in your life people use sodas always have more stress their whole hormones functions increase water intake the hormones get dilute change your place position incident and situation people and all other things ladies go to shopping loose stress.

Share your attention to somewhere else lose your attention will lose stress never take decision in stress mild the stress and then decide check your stress level and hold it to next day if you are in stress you are emotionally hijack .

Abdul kaalam One million sentence

“Says no one in the world can change future but can change or develop good habits and habits can change future “.

You must have some good habits Khush Ikhlaqi and respect other will return the same to you people will respect you.

Trust and believe Allah will lose your trust confused and stunned people have lot of stress

Sometimes confusion creates stress and sometimes stress make you confused.








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