Telenor Daily Weekly Monthly Internet packages

No need to be worried about Telenor internet packages now more. Are you wondering for internet call packages? If your answer is yes then stay here and read this page carefully because here are all the Telenor latest and updated internet packages given below, Including Telenor Talkshawk internet, packages Daily, 3 Days, Weekly and Monthly internet packages. Read this till the end of the page you will find all of your desired Telenor internet packages at this page.

Note:- Telenor Has Upgraded Its 3G to 4G Network. But Where 4G Is Not Supported, 3G Will Be Work Simultaneously


Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Package Name Volume Validity Charges Subscription
Daily Unlimited 350 MB 1 AM to 7 PM 13+Tax Online
4G Daily Bundle 75MB Daily 15+Tax *345*131#
Daily Lite 50MB Daily 12+Tax *345*141#

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Package Name Volume Validity Charges Subscription
Unlimited 2GB 1 AM to 7 PM 70+Tax *345*144#
4G Weekly Bundle 750MB Weekly 75+Tax *345*134#

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Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Package Name Volume Validity Charges Subscription
Monthly Plus 10, 500 MB i.e. 10 GB 30 Days 1,195+Tax *345*136#
4G Monthly Bundle 4GB Monthly 478+Tax *345*135#
Monthly Starter 2250MB Monthly 300+Tax *345*935#

Telenor Daily 3G Internet Packages

Telenor 3G Unlimited Internet Packages

  • Price: Rs. 13.00 Tax.
  • Volume: 350 MB
  • Validity Duration: (1 AM – 7 PM) Daily

Telenor 3G Daily Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 15.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 75 MB
  • Validity Duration: Daily 24 Hours
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*131#

Telenor Weekly 3G Internet Packages

Telenor 3G Weekly Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 75.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 750 MB
  • Validity Duration: Weekly
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*134#

Telenor Weekly Plus Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 100.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 1200MB
  • Duration Validity: Weekly
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*164#

Telenor Weekly Unlimited Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 70.00incl. Tax
  • Data Volume: 2 GB (1AM – 7PM)
  • Duration Validity: Weekly
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*144#

Telenor Monthly 3G Internet Packages

Telenor 3G Monthly Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 478.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 4 GB
  • Validity Duration: Monthly
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*135#

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Telenor 3G Starter Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 300.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 2,250 MB
  • Validity Duration: Monthly (30 Days)
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*935#

Telenor Monthly Lite Bundle

  • Price: Rs. 140.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 2 GB + 1 GB Pocket TV
  • Validity Duration: 30 Days
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*835#

Telenor  3 Day Day Bundle

  • Price:35.00incl. Tax
  • Volume: 200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook
  • Validity Duration: 3 Days
  • Subscription Code: Dial:*345*133#

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