Watch Passengers React to Riding in Waymo’s Driverless Minivan

Google’s Waymo is testing out the first ever driverless ride-hailing service, and to do so, the company enlisted a group of brave people to be the guinea pigs. (“Brave” because what kind of futuristic world are we living in where CARS DRIVE THEMSELVES?)

Waymo CEO John Krafcik showed a video of the test rides during a public appearance at SXSW in Austin. Aside from a glimpse into the future of transportation, the video shows the reactions of passengers, and their interest and excitement level was a bit underwhelming.

As it turns out, going for a ride in a driverless car isn’t as exciting as one would think—at least according to some of the reactions. One guy kept yawning, another fully fell asleep, and others used their phones (which is the international sign of boredom). For other passengers, however, it seemed thrilling and cool being driven around by literally no one. And in one woman’s words, it was “weird.

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The service will likely launch in Phoenix, and through a deal with Fiat Chrysler, thousands more self-driving cars will be added to Waymo’s current fleet of 600 vehicles and expand to other cities.


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