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Weight Lose tips and precautions

Weight Lose tips and tricks

Now a days being overweight is most common as our food hygienic is not proper we don’t properly care about our food due to taste we take food that is tasty and spicy oily this causes increase in weight and this initially doesn’t feel but with the passage of time when your body shape is changed and you have extra fats in your body in backside or front side the increase of tummy then it feels awkward and we then understand the disease and then it becomes very difficult to lose weight when once you have gain weight .

So I will first let you know why we gain extra weight what are the reasons behind the growing of weight how we can care about because we have to take precautions from the disease.

Precautions to over weight

  1. Oily and spicy food
  2. Incomplete sleep
  3. Having water during eating
  4. Not doing any sort of Physical work
  5. Using lower amount of water the whole day long
  6. Using food that is cause of fat or consist fat
  7. Using Alcohol
  8. Enough usage of Cold drinks cola and other drinks
  9. Working the day long on just one place
  10. Smoking is also a big factor

These were the most common factor cause increase in weight now let’s see how to decrease weight or lose weight tricks

Here is a trick that you can use and make your own home to reduce you weight

  • Fennel Seeds (sounf) 4 tea spoons
  • 1 glass water
  • Honey bee one tea spoon
  • Black salt half tea spoon

Food to be used to lose weight

You have to do put the Fennel Seeds in a glass of water at night and while you wake up in the morning boil the water till it remains half glass water now you have to clean the Fennel Seeds from water with a cotton cloth now remaining Fennel Seeds put honey bee inside of it and then the black salt now your weight lose medicine is prepared

Use this as a tea in the morning without having breakfast after 40 mixtures you can have breakfast.

If you want to lose your weight try this trick it will definitely work and will lose your extra fats

Try this out you will have definitely and advantage there are few other tips you can use which are below

You can use bitter ground juice use tap or boiled water in day time also mix lemon and ginger juice in water also use Curd this will lose your weight.

Decrease usage of sager use garlic green chili and Onion you will definitely lose your weight speedily

Use green vegetables and half cooked or not cooked and never have heavy meal instead have short meals many times a day





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