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What is Depression and its Solution

What is Depression and its Solution

What is Depression and its Solution?

Every human being brain is made of 16 chemicals and when we have imbalance of these chemicals increase in any chemical or decrease any other chemical this causes Depression Tensions and Disappointment in our life. We have lot of solutions for the underlying problems to resolve them or to tackle the situations.

  • We can have some chemicals to reduce or increase the imbalance of the chemicals in our mind but this is not a usual solution or long term solution.
  • Exercise is the best source to resolve depression tension and disappointment in our life if you are in sever stage of depression or you usually face the situation then the best solution for this problem is regular exercise not a single exercise you have to take exercise regularly in your life if you are at a severe stage of anxiety then wear your shoes and have almost 20 minutes running within 15 minutes you whole depression will destroy and you will be in a cool position
  • Change your environment your work routine your life style and activities of your life this will reduce the amount of depression
  • Hiking and tracking is also a source to reduce your depression and anxiety
  • Think positive and act positive and have positive activities best option is to have a religious activity or helping others playing with kids or doing any sort of social activity will also release your depression and you will have comfort.
  • Think positive and make your efforts and keep in mind this world is an arena and you are in a world war you have to fight with your difficulties and problems issues these things are part of game you have to face negative things with courage and proper tools and care
  • Have friends in life and share your problems with those you feel most comfortable also have friends like that it is a good source of being comfortable in your life. Never try to make negative things habitual
  • You have or inhale oxygen form hospital this will also reduce your depression level and will make you comfortable but  the best one is exercise

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