What is motivation and reality

Motivation why needed in our life and its rule in our life

What is motivation and  what is the reality how to manage the both?

Motivation is that which fill energy inside you which make you to do something and it causes

When you are going down it fills energy and up you fills energy and never let you down or stop at any place in your life.

It works like pain killer it feels like we can do anything in the world and everything in the world.

The person who want to do something after hearing the motivation speech  his pain vanish for some time he feels he can do anything or the person saying if he can why not me .But it remains for very short time  after few days it seems to be vanished as the work of

Pain killer is to  reduce the pain not finish the disease We must have a realistic thinking after having the motivational speech.

When you borrow motivation then it remains in round 2 or 3 days but when you have your own motivation that come form your inside then it will stay for long time and will keep you up. it is most important if it comes from inside that is the true one you must have to set clear your purpose and goal why they are doing this business the borrowed motivation will work for few days only

You must understand and have your own goals

You must have your targets  here is an example which will clear the idea how the motivation work.

Motivation is like a Generator round hole having a rope  that is pulled  or moved to run the generator. this rope and pull is to start the generator after start it runs automatically not due to rope it have some other things in it. it have fuel

The fuel is the goal and purpose Which starts is the motivation and   goal and purpose keep on continue

Motivation is what get you started and the purpose is which keep you continue

Expert in the field you want to move on and patience and the time is most important never go to illusionary world

Once you have motivation then the purpose will keep you move on step forward.

Understand the reality and keep on continues the results will come with the passage of time .






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