YouTube Channel Tips and Tricks

YouTube Channel Tips and Tricks  the most common and easy way need no advanced skills is YouTube Earning you can easily earn through YouTube by publishing your videos over there.

Before creating channel it’s most important to keep in mind there are many things you must understand or you must have knowledge about them before creating any channel

YouTube channel plan you must have list three sentences about your channel you want to start with

What is specific purpose of your channel?

What makes your channel individually stand out different from others which are available on Internet

What are the standards of your channel you have chosen

List the first few videos at least 5 you are going to upload

Keep in mind the styles of your channel and contents on your channel these are also most important to keep in mind while processing your channel you must understand the styles here is a guidance for styles you will have

Few most common colors you must have in mind most popular colors are black brown and grey most commonly used

Few fonts to keep in mind

Fonts to keep in mind or to be used write down them as well

If your videos are related to some motivational speaking then you must keep in mind the contents being used on them that should be visible if any slogans citations or notes are beings used in the videos keep in mind the slogans backgrounds and lights should be used properly or any photos needed to clear the communication being discussed get support of the contents and pictures in your video to clarify the message


Thumbnails are most important part that attract the audience you must have edited and well defined good quality and relevant photos that contribute to the content and manage the things


Photos used in videos must be in cleared having HD results and must communicate your message properly.

Must have a ridiculous idea for whom you are creating contents and videos that must look different to the individuals.

You must have few things in mind your video must be attractive you must have some good equipment’s best equipment’s you can do your best while creating videos films are most important and valuable with them your videos go great and best results.

After having these thing you will get great results and best source of earning for you

Must check your videos are responsive for all devices and visible clearly to all devices IPhone laptop and other devices

Prepare yourself for nothing now you will get best results according to your expectations

Your expectations would be the same as you create

Get your channel up and organize your channel properly

Setup your social Medias presence properly make same name of your all social Medias as your YouTube Channel Name

the name of channel and the contents in the channel are most important


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