Zainab Murder Case Announced 4 counts Death Penalty

Pakistani court Saturday handed 4 counts death to Imran Ali charged with raping and murdering a small girl aging six years old.

This murder and rape shocked the whole country each member of society was astonished by this incident as this was the black spot on the root of the Muslim community.

Imran Ali who was on trial for killing and raping the small kid  Zainab Fatima in Kasur Last Month.

After a basic inquiry, the news open that he not only murder and rape Zainab he was also involved in seven other small child’s who were affected by him a form which five were murdered and 2 is still alive.

He confessed his all eight attacks including the death of Zainab he is a serial killer. He is considered as a terrorist who has spread fear and terror in the society to small kids now the court has announced after complete investigation 4 times the death penalty.

There is found a severe response in the society related to this issue but now the penalty given would be a symbol for All.

Under Pakistani law, crimes that are considered to have spread terror in society can be charged as acts of terrorism.

The prosecutors said he received further life imprisonment and fines totaling 3.2 million rupees ($30,000) for additional charges of hiding his victim’s body.

One million rupees of the fine would be given in compensation to Zainab’s family, public prosecutor Abdul Rauf Wattoo told AFP.


This trial was held in Kot Lakphat jail Lahore. On the other hand, now criminal Imran is  Claiming innocence, Imran challenges Zainab murder case conviction


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