Almost certainly with the dispatch of 3G and 4G benefits in Pakistan, numerous open doors are invited and with each passing day, we are seeing an ascent in 3G/4G endorsers. As per the current details issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), 3G/4G Subscribers in Pakistan Reaches 53.24 Million in March with infiltration of 26.31%. 3G/4G Subscribers in Pakistan Reaches 53 Million

3G/4G Subscribers in Pakistan

he add up to number of cell supporters in Pakistan achieved 149.10 million which were 147.204 million before the finish of February 2018. The expansion of 1.896 million of every one month is a decent number.

The details just portrays the example of overcoming adversity of endeavors of Pakistani versatile administrator’s in regards to advanced Pakistan activities and giving the best biological community in the nation.

Here are the stats of 3G/4G subscribers till March 2018:

Jazz Telenor Zong Ufone Total
3G 14,98,2605 10,928,013 9,187,239 6,165,896 41,263,753
4G LTE 3,155,686 2,451,057 6,373,061 11,979,804
3G + 4G LTE 18,138,291       13,379,070 15,560,300 6,018,635     53,243,557

 Here are the stats of 3G/4G subscribers till February 2018:

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Jazz Telenor Zong Ufone Total
3G 14,883,690 10,878,344 8,893,705 6,018,635 40,674,374
4G LTE 2,590,092 2,154,238 5,830,231 10,574,561
3G + 4G LTE 17,473,782       13,032,582 14,723,936 6,018,635     51,248,935

Above tables unmistakably demonstrates that Pakistan has seen tremendous development as far as 3G/4G supporters. It is an expansion of 1.896 million amid the period under audit.

Teledensity for cell mobiles achieved 74.98 percent and broadband supporters achieved 55,558,824 by end of March contrasted with 53,554,231 by end February 2018.

3G/4G Subscribers in Pakistan Reaches 53 Million

The telecom part of Pakistan has experienced through enormous changes after the landing of 3G and 4G benefits in the nation. From the expansion in cell phone infiltration to the dispatch of different m-Services; Pakistan’s telecom part has turned into an example of overcoming adversity for some local nations who are deserted in the innovative race.


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