Before going to discuss the SEO strategies or the best SEO practices we will have an overview of SEO.
SEO has the key role in today’s internet world and everyone is trying its best to make its business presence around the world and it is going like a war. Everyone is trying with its own perception what actually it is. no one now exactly as its google science that is ambiguity shared with the common public, while they try to understand the things and the behind the scene logic or the algorithms google often change it and most of the time things drastically get changed.
Today I am going to share with you what I do understand what the SEO is and what are the best practices for SEO in my perceptions as I noticed things and did work you will find a lot of stuff on internet related to SEO but maybe you understand or not I am going to share with you the best SEO Practices till today means the current time.

A lot of people do have a sound knowledge of SEO but they can’t do anything best related to that.
This article I am going to share for the peoples who are new or who are already have jumped in the field of web or internet marketing and trying to do something better but not getting to do properly this is for all students and youngster who are trying to have a part-time or short time side business as a blogger or writer content marketer.

I will try my best to cover all the major and minors in this article so try to understand and read this article properly if anything you have in mind or questions you can share in comment box will be replied instantly.

Most of the time people or students do have a lot of questions related to Online Earning online earning websites or how can they start there online business or how can they spend there free time instead of wasting it like doing some bad activities watching movies or etc and time get vanished instantly as a trainer I have been guiding people for a long time to do there best in this field and due to lack of time I couldn’t do anything better like any video or article for the students but today I think I must have to write down to have some time for this area so that the people who are wandering here and there with irrelevant piece of information or wrong information by getting improper information and they can’t do anything.

Best or better what they can due to lack of knowledge of information here is for all those I am trying to explain may or may not be I am able to do what I wish but it could be great enough for me even if one person gets an advantage from it.

What is SEO?

Seo is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and every one is familiar with search engine there are thousands of search engines but when we came to search engine we instantly get in mind the Google yes you are right Google is the father of all search engine in the 20th century but it was not since it started initially there were some other that started with the search facility but google do the best and google understand the need of the people initially Yahoo was most common and hopefully most of you have used Yahoo as a search engine there are thousands other I will not go in depth of all you can find results of search engines list in google you will have a complete list.
Google made it happen what is the need of customers and today sometimes I myself search even the famous websites like facebook youtube etc by searching in google and then go to that hope you also have encountered with the same phenomenon.

Google is the king of the time everyone can be the king who understands the needs of its users and works best on that he can be a king definitely.
Google is not a search engine it has a lot of other services and business services free as well paid and peoples are getting indulged enough that we will have no alternative except using them to tackle our needs you can find the google for business option there you will find a lot of options for that.
I am not going to discuss the others but the especially to whom we encounter most often and we have listened about a lot about that yes you are right for what you are waiting for that is Google Adsense and Second is the Google Adwords if you have ever started website or have done little bit then you have heard about these to major services of Google

Google Adsense in other words Publisher

This is one of the great and huge departments of Google sometimes people and at start I myself think from where Google does earn if we discuss about its revenue then its uncountable initially I was not aware of its logic and I think these are the mysterious things means I can’t understand even I have some knowledge but that was not enough clear but later on as I learned a lot about Google and a lot of about internet then i came to know the actual business logic you the logic that almost every business or websites have somewhere in there business sometimes hidden and sometimes opened then I came to know and you might also know the logic of Google .

how Google earns and from where?

This question normally comes into the mind of every common person who hears the google earning yes you will be astonished by hearing Google earns  $100 million a day through its single service that is AdWords by serving 5.5 billion impressions per day on search pages and 25.6 billion impressions per day on the Google Display Network. With $10.86 billion in ad revenue. Google is making $121 million per day from ads.

Before we go to break through the way and how and from where and what are some terminologies you will be a little bit confused I am going to continue the topic and to make it possible for you to learn the things that are important for you.
So ads mean Google Adsense and through Google AdSense, Google is generating this revenue from the advertisers. So here the question comes why people pay Google so huge amount for what. To answer this question

I will share a fact with you so that you may better understand this logic.
As the internet is growing faster and faster more businesses are coming forward to the internet market and internet is the worldwide market means when your business is on the internet it means it is visible throughout the world.
A lot of businesses are running for decades and they are common to the public.

I will explain this by a simple example like the internet is a local market and in the market, we have thousands of shops and we normally notice some shops or brands are most popular that doesn’t need to have been shared by someone to us. we do trust and we have an image of the brand in our mind like Bata Nike Rebook and so on in all fields of life, these were the few one related to shoes.

If I go to some other like eatable then every one of you must have a name in mind yes that one you like what makes this to be in our mind is there social worth or there public worth there fame for there services or quality customer dealing there taste or they are serving for a long time and you have a sketch in your mind and you often wish to go and buy from that famous outlet or store of shopping mall so if I map these local stores shops or brands to internet every business is like a store or shop on internet and they are accessible worldwide so there would be some famous stores or shops or websites you always use to buy something or you love to buy.

In the same way like the local market every shop owner wish to attract most of the customers to increase their sales same the internet every business wish to attract bulk customers but in the local market there are limited shops but on the internet there is no boundary there are millions of shops for the same business or different with everyone having unique services.

So here you must have the idea if any shop have no customers means no sale he is in loss and a shop having thousands of customers means he may grow rich in a single day just kidding yes but its possible you can earn how much you want yes you have your own shop and you have the world as your customers so hurry up attract the customers attention to increase the sales.

Yes now you are in a war zone means you are surrounded with bulk of big brands they name you have ever wish to see or buy from you are part of those brands and you are going to be like that so think like that how they captured your attention and now its your turn to capture the audience attention you are searching for here audience is searching for you .

So if you have started today and a brand working since last ten year he has a great social worth people know that how you will complete it, yes it’s too difficult but not impossible yes you can.
There are two options

1. Pay Google and ask him to advertise your business
2. Do yourself

Google as we discussed Google have a second department that we have not touch yet let me explore little bit it

Google Adwords the Advertiser

it says pay me and get the visitors even if you have started today Google is not like us it will not deceive you it will do what it says means you will get the visitors for what you have paid from where its another logic will explain it shortly.
So if you have started a new business and want to sale instantly then you must have marketing like in local market we advertise on Newspaper Television or local banners flexes hoardings to attract the audience attention in the same way you have to get attention by paying google it will advertise your business like hoardings on different websites.

Yes but here is the question about which website and why and how it will advertise my banners.
This is linked with our earlier bullet point the Google Adsense yes google Adsense is for those who have a space to advertise and that space is well placed like we wish to advertise in local market on that place where lot of users pass through on the bank of road in the same way google gets place of those people who have a lot of visitors to pass through here space is a website which has a lot of visitors on it and the owner of this website want to earn something from google then it will request google to give him an advertiser account .

How and when to do that to have an Adsense account we will discuss it later so google checks is this the better place to add a banner does it have some real traffic and have its good contents user will come or not to see it if it is accepted then you are lucky you have an AdSense account there will be a code that will be integrated in website and banners will be displayed and will be controlled by googling you can also control which ads you want to display and which to block on your website.

So here I think a lot of things get mixed I am again trying to explain as know we have discussed both terms Google Adwords(as an Advertiser) and Google Adsense (as a Publisher).

Here I am trying to explain with a daily life example Google is working like a dealer like property dealer he get someone property means ads from advertisers and gives to someone else to the publisher on there websites so property is rented out and it will get commission from the advertiser a huge amount and will give a minor amount to him on he has posted the add here the person to whom he rented is not actually getting something he is giving his space for the add so he will get some benefits for his space and the person whose add is this is come to Google to promote his business and he will pay google.

Google gets the amount from the advertisers and gives some percentage to the publishers so Google, in other words, did nothing but have an income from which some percentage goes to the persons who have Adsense accounts to whom websites display ads.

Up to here hope you have understood the actual logic of google earning scheme and as Google earns from here we have discussed earlier a lot of money so he has very strong rules and algorithms so that his customers the advertisers which pay him may have the good results accurate results so for publishers to whom websites the ads will be displayed for them google have a lot of policies and terms and conditions.

The article is going longer as per audience interest long articles are normally not focused users get bored but here I am trying to complete the things we have discussed earlier so I will keep it continue so that you may have the right understanding without waiting for the next one.

Till now almost we have discussed to major concepts of Google working and it’s earning now I will go through in depth how you can plan or you can start your earning.

If you have yet not decided then proceed to step forward and try to avail the opportunity may be some minor investment may change your life as it does for a lot of peoples internet is a resource and an equal opportunity for all of us we mostly hear about peoples who have made a bult amount by doing something online and we always keep on thinking how to start when to start and where to start and by this time goes on and you still remain to wait for an opportunity a single opportunity can change someone life who always is pretty much serious about that .

I know people have a mindset to have a shortcut for earning so my dear keep in mind there is no shortcut for that but right decisions at right time will lead you to a good position.
Situations never remain the same always but most of the people always afraid to decide and 90 percent of people remain the same as they born and the same they go to die the reason they never make decisions.

without decision you can’t do anything in our everyday life we take a lot of decision to go to a school to buy a shoe to buy a uniform to buy a dress and the same at every stage but while going forward to our career or professional we always get afraid of risks what to do and what not to do things never change automatically you have to change yourself and the results will be changed.

How to start a part-time business?

As life is an open opportunity for all everyone have an equal amount of time 24 hours a day but someone utilizes it in a way that he gets more than we can imagine and someone can’t even do a minor.
If you are not utilizing your time in the right way means you are killing your time then the time will definitely kill you. Plan your day weeks months and years set your goals achievements and targets without goal the life is goal if you will not set the goal then you will never get changed the best thing in this regard is to write down things and keep them watching try to implement things think big do big solve big problems find big problems the more problems of people you will solve the more value you will get .

Do things in a positive mindset life is for just one time live it I am not asking to be a spider enjoy every moment of your life but with your inner satisfaction do the right things right will come to you.
so let move to the topic there was something to warm up if you are getting an asleep wake-up time is moving forward.

We were discussing how to start your business not a full time i don’t ask you to fully rely on it keep it a part-time at start as this will never reward you instantly it takes some time to be on a position where you will be able to have some reward and till that time you have to do something extra that you are already doing or you can do.

Keep one thing always in mind keep on improving your skills always and do notice your week points for the business you are going forward the skills for that business you must have to be listed the targets when to start the schedule time span for that business relaxed time not necessarily to be on daily basis you can work on weekdays.

Step 1

Find out your interest and strong area of knowledge everyone has some interest the things he does like do you usually do how can you convert these things into a useful way yes you can convert them into money so keep an eye on yourself instead of someone else.

Writing and reading are the best things I do always love and you must try to read whatever you can it might be some novel storybooks or any information books as knowledge is the fastest and safest way towards success better if you study the things of your interest will increase your knowledge as well.

You will be thinking it been a huge article until you have not get the exact thing you are waiting for the all the above things I have shared are useful for you.

Step 2

Plan the type of business you want to start I am going to list down some of them

1. Want to start your own E-commerce store
2. Want to start a blog information knowledge problem-solving website
3. Want to promote or resale things people are selling to become an Affiliated Member
4. Start an affiliate marketing business to promote others businesses.
5. Want to start a Classified portal
6. Want to start your own web services company (Logos and graphics work to video editing, Domain and Hosting Business, Web designing and mobile app services, SEO services).
7. Your own food Business.

8. Sell Products items on Merchant Websites 


10. Small Investments 

10 Real Estate Business 

11 Shared Business Silent Partner

You will be thinking I have gone mad how you can start without having any knowledge of anything so here I am to help you out in all these cases and will advise you and will share with you the contents and soon I will be with you in video form to describe with you how you can do any sort of business without having sound knowledge and with just a minor investment.

If we comparatively see the India and China people are more advanced and have excelled in this field and they are doing pretty nice in this industry and earning handsome amount why not you.
We have actually lack of awareness of things and guidance due to that we have not just started within the race so its time to be right in and step forward.
I was thinking to complete this article but unfortunately, due to the shortage of time I am leaving here will post shortly right from here stay updated.

Note:- If you have any query or suggestions or problem you can post in the comment section you will be guided 

“SEIKHO With the aim to improve your Knowledge to be successful in Life.”


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