Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom tools is one of the best website speed analysis tool that describes how your site is loading towards user the time it is taking and the efficiency of your pages it is pretty much simple to analyze  just Enter a URL to test the load time of that page, analyze it and find bottlenecks.

This will display you all the resources your website page you are testing is loading the contents requests response wait time and all the issues total CSS JavaScript and Images that are getting loaded on your page and each resource time that it is taking and where there is an option to optimize the things it will recommend and suggest the contents that needs to be changed or optimized this is one of the best tool to test the website speed understand the issues mentioned there remove them and enjoy the best performance of your website.

This will show you the performance grade for your website comparatively depends  on the load time it will show load time your site is taking size of the page with all contents being loaded on the page no of requests your site is making to the server and getting response in Performance insights and response code you will analyze which section or contents of your website require optimization it will show its scores from where you can understand the issues and can improve it

This will also show each single resource size and time it is taking request and response for the total load of all contents it will be pretty much easy for you to understand the issues and resolve them once you will resolve those issues mentioned in its report again test the site and it will be much better each time after removing the issued mentioned as we do know google have mentioned the speed factor for ranking of websites and if our website have more than 3 to 5 second load time we will loose most of our customers as per statics so to improve speed of website is the most of the biggest SEO juice now a days and it will increase your website worth and income.

So its time to step forward do that before going to make any changes first test your website on worlds most famous tools and analyze things there after that make changes these steps are very much tricky but not impossible you can do them better soon i will share with you the step by step guide to make your site much faster as you expect even having lot of contents images on website but website will load smooth have a notice on our site report

pingdom speed test report seikhoGTmetrix Website Speed test

Gtmetrix is also the one of best website speed testing tool to analyze website speed performance and efficiency you must go through this tool and analyze the issues mentioned there and suggestions to improve performance of your website and its speed this will also display contents wise description for your website and in all types of contents the issues needs to be removed and the ways how you can remove them to improve the speed of your website this is also the best tool to understand the issues in your websites the contents that are making your website lazy load and taking much more time due to that customers go to some other website and you loose the customers and ultimately go to loos so to get better advantages from your website must step forward to these improvements

This will help you where  to minimize the requests and where to optimize the images and leverage browser cache as well lot of other options so keep these options in mind understand the issues once you will understand the issues then you will have the solutions  below is our Gtmetrix score for after making few changes we get best score and improvements in websites speed

Gtmetrix website speed test report.

The last but not the leas option to test your website is Google website speed test tool its also mot important to analyze

PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers

PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers this is also the most important speed test tool as google is the key factor in all our efforts we are doing to optimize our website and all the things we are doing so never ignore it if you have best load time in this tool the green signals then your website have the efficiency to get more volume of users and have lot of revenue so be careful it is not very easy to get the best all options 100% but you can do much of the portion to improve and you can gain the 100% as well but it will take some time and once you did that you will be on the top list of websites having lot of revenue as now a days speed is the most important factor we already discussed it have been analyzed from research the website having more load time loose 70 percent of there customers and a little bit improvements in the load time makes there revenue to 75 percent increase in volume so keep in mind this is the big task you are going to step forward

Google have several factors to measure the website speed website having less contents normally have best speed but website having huge contents and have less time to load is most important and once you do that you have achieved your major goal in the field of Search engine land so here are few  factors google and all other site speed testing websites do monitor

Optimized resources to be loaded in websites

resources you are linking to your website must be minified and optimized resourced here we mean the images we have in our website and the code we have used to make these contents to be visible in our websites libraries we used in website must be linked from most  efficient resources CSS JavaScript and other files we have linked in our website must be managed in better way optimized and must be low amount of files linked as each time website request for all resources to be loaded one by one so no of files must be low you have to combine small files to a single file will be most beneficial

Must use a cache option in your website the resources loading again and again must be cached in web browser and your server as well in some other options how to do these task will discuss soon

here is our website speed report on google speed test tool

 website speed test report by google.

the green signals in speed means website is in well and good speed these are the best tools we have to test to improve website speed here we will understand the issues our website have and shortly  i will step by step guide you how to improve your website speed to the best one by making minor changes and getting the best results

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