Business Strategies Entrepreneurship

what are the Business Strategies Entrepreneurship in today’s world. 

Today world strategies are most important in every business and the major factor of all business is the customer satisfaction.

The customer is the key factor in every business and always keep connected and understand and know the interest and benefits of your customers if customers are satisfied extra satisfied pay them something extra you commit then your business will never be in a loss this is the key factor in today’s business world.

I have made a research on this business strategies and found a lot of examples related to this strategy I have come to know a lot of hidden factors in many over growing and flourishing business.

Like i met a Juice shop owner have revenue more than every one expectation he have round a sale volume of More than a Lakh per day on a common point on a small shop I was wondered after hearing about the main reason of his business success and his huge sale volume he have a small shop in the Anar Kali bazar where average sale volume of others is round 30 Thousand maximum but his sale is more than a Lakh per day he exposed the logic he said they give one small glass free with each glass that is the small factor due to which they are getting more than extra sales.

One other story I met a shopkeeper who is selling the eggs and is sales are also more than the average sales then I inquired about the reason he told me his dozen is not 12 his dozen is 13 means he is giving one extra egg with each dozen due to that his sale volume get more than the others.

I met a restaurant Owner having more than extra sales volume and asked him about the reason of his sales he told me that they have an option if someone has no money he can eat for free so this is the reason behind their sale volume and business strategy.

After having a lot of other analysis I came to a common point if you will do benefit of your customers and the whole human being facilitate your customers you will have an extra volume of sale than the normal.

In today world we are being paid for solving problems of others and if we will solve others problems in the better way then our business will definitely grow so in order to improve your business you have to pay better attention to your services and try to give something more than what the customers pay.



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