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Learn WordPress Tricks and tips how to make website without having knowledge of coding

website performance testing tools

best Website Speed test tools

Pingdom Website Speed Test Pingdom tools is one of the best website speed analysis tool that describes how your site is loading towards user the time...
WordPress SEO TIPS

Best wordpress seo tips

Best WordPress SEO Tips to improve ranking   If you are planning to take part in the battler of search engine optimization and internet marketing choosing...
how to Speed Up WordPress website

how to Speed Up WordPress website

how to Speed Up WordPress website This article is about Ways to Speed up WordPress Websites, as WordPress is a great and famous platform so...
wp theme Customization

wordpress theme customization from scratch

Procedure to create a WordPress theme from scratch You will do all the related work to create WordPress theme in the wp_content directory only. Just...

WordPress Theme Understanding

WordPress Theme Understanding To create a website you need a theme to support your envisioned design. Basically a theme is a set of files that...
woredpress instattaion step 2

Install WordPress on local computer

You can install WordPress on your local computer using a local server. You can use XAMPP WAMP or any other local server to install...
Create wordpress website

How to create website in wordpress

WordPress is The most popular website engine in the world. WordPress released its new 4.9 version on November 16. WordPress 4.9 ‘Tipton’ quickly gained...
wordpress development

WordPress Development Overview

WordPress Development Overview WordPress is the most common and popular Framework used around the world for web development in all types of projects. If you...
convert wordpress website into mobile app using plugins

Plugins to Convert Websites into Mobile Apps

Plugins to Convert Websites into Mobile Apps Most websites now a days have an accompanying mobile app and most of them are going towards that....