Comparison between Government Job and Private Job Which Is Best?

If you are a job seeker then there are two sectors in Pakistan, where you can find a job related to your degree or profession. One and the most attractive sector nowadays in Pakistan is the Government sector. Every father says to his son

“Dear son, if you want to settle your life than secure a government job”

Find a list of Government Department in Pakistan 

Here in this article, we gave you a comparison between a government job and a private job which is better?

If you want to know the benefits of government job, then clearly speaking that government job has a lot of benefits over the private job for example government gives you

·        Pension benefits

·        Great package of salary

·        Protocol

·        No hard work, very comfortable

Whereas the private sector also has a lot of benefits like

·        You will learn more

·        Also sometimes got a great package of salary

·        Culture is good and decent

·        Less comfortable

After this comparison, just want to remind you that

“Passion is more than pension”

The ratio of jobs in the government sector is very low as compared to the private sector. According to a survey, if you want a job, then there are 30% chances that you got a private job and only 2% for you to get a government job.

If we compare the jobs offered by the government and private every year than in this comparison the private sector is a winner.


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