It has now been a cyberwar be careful about the risks all over the globe this is the common issue nowadays.

the last one month has been worst for the world especially Pakistan in terms of cyber-attacks. Expected loss in one year due to cyber losses is exceeding 80 million USD. Experts also found that major network and system vendor

Cisco announced that its voice messaging and major switches contain a strange vulnerability which could allow attackers to get control of all communication of a victim. So be careful about the is cyber war and normally you can be the victim in the following areas keep high intentions in these areas and never ever share any of your secret information to anyone via mobile internet email or telephonic call and never write down on open places your secret codes.

The world is going to be cruel to you if you did a minor mistake then you will have to face the results you don’t even know.

Securing Personal Information.

In some rural areas even in the large cities, some black sheep are trying to misuse the personal data of some innocent peoples with a lot of schemes and tricks never share your personal information without confirmation even if that is confirmed you don’t want to share it’s your right to secure your personal information. Also, take care of people around you and make them understand the risks behind that and never let them share their information to anyone unknown.

Secure Operating Systems

Secure your Operating Systems individual levels keep them safe and locked never allow anyone to access your personal computers.

Malware and Antivirus

Malware can come from anywhere and they can harm your data and information normally we use the free applications and download them and get them installed to keep an eye to the sources and the changes these applications or software are going to made and what area they are accessing in your computer.

Mostly we use free antivirus and sometimes antivirus cause viruses and they fetch your data and will cause it to be stolen or misplaced.

Internet Security

The Internet is a public network and sometimes we use the network connection from a such a network provider who can access your data on that network through some channels or some tools keep this thing in mind Always use internet services by a reliable authority as well don’t let them anything to be shared with your personal working.

Security on Social Networking Sites

We are nowadays victim of Social Networks and here we don’t make some security measures which can cause some huge issues.

Never share any secret codes or type something asked by someone  never provide any code to anyone that you are having from anywhere people nowadays are making fool of others data and can use accounts with your name with your account or they can access your accounts if you will lose information somewhere that will cause a big issue for you.

Securing Email Communications

Never share anyone your personal data while they ask you something about offer promotion lottery or anything they can misuse it as well keep your emails passwords changed frequently never use one single password for all your accounts. secondly never open your personal emails on any insecure or Unkown place or device.

Securing Mobile Devices

There are thousands of applications available on play store for different purposes sometimes we use one application to solve one problem it can create another huge problem so keep in mind never use any application that has no specific reviews about the work you are trying to do and never ever uses any unknown application just for test case if you are sure about something and you know that is a valid resource then go ahead.

Never sell out your cell phones having their memory or memory cards people can misuse your data even if you have formatted all the data then they can also retain again so be aware if you have some secret data in your personal phones ever stored destroy it never sell it.

Securing the Cloud

Nowadays there are a lot of services provided on cloud base that are much more secure but you have to keep them monitored them active alerts and lot of notifications to keep them secure.

Securing Network Connections

Use a secure Network connection or make it secure by adding some extra features normally this also cause an issue for misuse of your data.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Keep track of your data and information regular backups and in case of any disaster how you will recover it make some options for that for its recover make some possible recovery measures.

It has been warned by Information Technology Networks that  African economies are at higher risk of being the target of cyber-attacks, due to lack of expertise to tackle sophisticated attacks in the recent and upcoming decades.

So be careful while using your internet mobile phones your credit cards and your personal computers keep an eye on things happening around you at any situation you feel any kind of doubt or not confirm about any situation never take instant actions about that do confirm things first and then go ahead.

This article is made to create a small awareness about the happenings nowadays people can scam or try to do that never let anyone snatch your resources or issues them.

Most Important:-

“Sometimes you trust some people and do share with there confirmation to anyone the data or information and at the end, you came to know he was also part of the game he can be representative of any public or private organization with legal documents. But once you have passed through the issue no one will come to resolve your issue or will support you they will just blame you and laugh at you so never ever trust on anyone in case of your personal data.”




Improved By Muhammad Wajid.


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