Discover Yourself

Discover yourself what is the cause of a human being why the human being came into the world every human being is different from other why since the world have been made Million of People come in the world are all different 99 percent people in the world see the trend what to do Like trend is of MBA Product design There are 422 Departments in the world in PUNJAB UNIVERSITY 87 Professions  188 Universities in Pakistan 1400 people are PHD but no one in the world is to made you select profession as this is the key thing in the world to select it is the thing that is indulge with you throughout your life as we dint think for ourselves we mostly dont think what is our choice or what is the key factor to understand us what we should choose.

if we not select the right profession it impact first on our own and second the customers and third is the worth of the professions is disturbed a good professional  Great person.

The credibility of the profession goes down so there are three big losses .

See the trend of life what the actual thing is check that out discover yourself instead of watching outside

Imam Mali says “A human being have two lives one is to come in the world and the other when he discover himself”.

Scope is not of the profession is of the Person what is the success what is the definition of success.

Success is the satisfaction to enjoy your profession .

Ghalib says ” the best person in the world is that who have its profession that is the his hobby every person in the world is bored while working not for loving if you have the profession your hobby then you will never end up ”

First theory in 80s come in the world said that Multiple intelligence is something

There are nine types of intelligence not only the one IQ we already have

Danial Gold man Added one more Emotional Intelligence which are street smart and socially genius leadership decision managment conflict management which have EQ.

There are many head of departments having no EQ have no worth this is the common problem in the industry technically they have sound knowledge but have no EQ.

With the passage of time the most modern theory 2016 downald Clifton have told there are 34 intelligence not only 10 or 12 there are lot of things in the world to tackle out.

Skills talent self discovery is the only agenda that we and one have to discover himself if he not discover then he goes to failure as he docent discoverer his talent or strength.

Discover your talent and strength there are 34 strength so find out what is your strength and that is the main thing.

Develop the habits to read books the most valuable books are Ishfaq sb ahmed sb Sarfraz Shah Sb and some other develop the habits to talk to Allah why the Allah have send us in the world why what is the reason life will be comfortable .

Abdul star Edhi have told that Pakistan dosent need the educated people but it need the people who can deliver  we should made better welfare for the Pakistan and our people this is the key factor we have to serve our country.

  1. Accept yourself above all else. Resolve to make peace with who you are so that you can start showing up for the world. …
  2. Perfect is not real. Nothing’s perfect. …
  3. Accept everything. Stop judging. …
  4. Be selfish. …
  5. Use everyone else as a mirror. …
  6. Connect to your core.





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