Facebook apologizes for sickening suggestions of child abuse video

Facebook one of the world top social media network website and having billion of users throughout the world has apologized after suggesting videos of child sex abuse to users in its search results.

The social media giant said it was “very sorry” after a range of sickening messages showed up in the site’s search bar overnight.

Different users reported that if they typed the phrase “video of” into the search bar of the Facebook search engine they get a number of disturbing suggestions involving children abuse or something like that automatically.

It’s not clear how the messages appeared.

Facebook said in his statement that “We are very sorry about this incident what happened”. And they have removed all the contents recording to this prediction as they become aware of this news.

This is not actually the fault of Facebook may be it could be but this search suggestion or search results showing in Facebook search engine is the representation of what people search most on the Facebook search engine it represents results most commonly searched so Facebook are not necessarily reflective of actual content on the platform this is what people are going to search. Facebook also stated that “We do not allow sexually explicit imagery, and we are committed to keeping such content off of our site.

“We are looking into why these search predictions appeared, and going forward, we’re working to improve the quality of search predictions.”

According to notifications and users reviews earlier in this month this social media was blasted for showing to condone pedophilia by including a strange question in a survey it asked to a selected group of users on Facebook to complete it that was a question

This was asked to users about their opinion on how Facebook should ideally handle a case in which a male adult solicits sexual pictures from an underage girl on the website.

This was a survey launched by Facebook in this month actually this was also a notice of Facebook what people are doing on Facebook and Facebook was planning an action on that.







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