First Women Bike Rider Cream Pakistan Behind the Scene Story

“I have been driving the bike since I was 12 years old and I was passionate about riding the bike.”

A female in our society is considered as a housewife or doing any sort of activities behind the scene office work school hospitals or some other jobs that are considered to be secure what made a lady to come inside the market to full out their needs by the skill she has instead of choosing any other unfair means to earn money.

Now, in 2018, as part of their women empowerment scheme, Pakistan will now see its first female bike captains! Navigating the busy streets of Lahore, Riffat Shehraz is one of the very first women tasked with this responsibility.

Our society is very harsh never allows anyone to do such kind of activities and no one focus the cause behind the factor why this happen who made a girl to drive on the road and play with the risk of life today we see there a lot of accidents and mishaps on the road and we think when we are on the road we feel we are not secure what made a lady to come and fight for herself on the road where most of the men

hesitate to do that . Before making any sort of comments or opinions on her we have to keep in mind that she is not on the road by choice there would be reason why she came on the road to fight for herself l have tried to collect some facts which are behind the scene may be no one else know I am not sharing due to any other reason I have seen comments on her video that made me inquire about as being a human being and Muslim we have sisters and mothers and don’t wish them to do such kind of activity where she made someone sitting behind here and lead them towards their destination .

There is a harsh story behind here to come on that point.

Riffat Sheraz  She was brought to an Orphanage SOS when she was only of 6 Month old her parents died in an accident she even didn’t know who they were. The most painful thing is that when I hear I wept myself She doesn’t have any blood relation in the world when you imagine this it is too harsh to think but when someone is passing through the situation he can understand what the situation is to say by words is very easy but to pass through the situation is very difficult to face the harsh world all alone.

She got here earlier education form the Orphanage and after having some education she accidentally left the Orphanage and went to the market with her age and group fellows for work and as she came outside she came to know she have no one in the world to care about she has to do everything by herself and no one is there to inquire about what she has and what not but she faced the situation bravely on the early age she joined the marketing firm where she gets a handsome salary and  the cycle of life passed happily and she at that time started work when she was not on the age to do that but she tried to carry one and as the time passed after long time working in the marketing firm she had worked several other departments of life but she didn’t focus that with the passage of time she understands the situation that how she can survive at the end of her life as she gets old it became very much difficult as the firm has fired here from marketing as the age of marketing is young age .

She decided to work some other places and time keep on but at the current time, she has no job alternate she has not enough education to have any better job or not any good experience in the field of life.

After trying many places she was disappointed by life as she is living on the rented place and she has to pay the rent otherwise she will be on the road owner will never allow living a day if she doesn’t pay the rent and other things.

After trying many places she has the saved money spent when she has no job for a few months she worked in an organization for Driver job but unfortunately she has to leave that one as well then trying many places an alone women having no one in the world how she could survive every passing day was too tough and she doesn’t have any skills to work other than driving or marketing.

Marketing firms don’t allow her any job and then she tried in Cream for Car driving but after making a lot of efforts no one allow to let a lady drive their car she gets totally disappointed once again then one day she decided to drive a bike for cream as she has the only thing here won property was a bike and she thinks she can do that to fill here needs instead of doing any other thing.

So this is the real story of how she came in this profession is a woman to drive for herself her story made me cry.

I appeal to the Higher authorities or the worthy people in the world to coordinate and support her instead of making her cry.

Her story is captured by different TV channels and media groups just for fun and for themselves the made her believe that they will support her but no one did anything for her yet.

Kindness can change the whole world and it’s our duty to support those people who are in need instead of Commenting

This is a story of pain and courage we have to support and care for those people who don’t let themselves to beg but they try themselves to do something they can

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