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Asslam o Alaikum and Welcome to
We are going to start a Youtube channel to provide free professional training about different courses to those who want to work in industry according to the latest trends and updates in technology to fulfill the different business needs.

Our training will consist of the following courses

⦁ Web Designing
⦁ Web Development
⦁ Graphics Designing
⦁ Video Editing
⦁ Latest Jobs updates
⦁ Online Earning
We have designed All of these courses keeping in mind to all kind of learners who may be beginners, middle level, and industry workers as well, Our pieces of training will fully assist to all of those who want to learn.

Our Course Contents

Below are the contents of the detailed courses of all the courses we are going to start, You may check and then start learning with us.

Web Designing Course Contents

Our web designing course contents consist of the following elements that will be fully explained from all angles.
⦁ Bootstrap
⦁ Javascript
⦁ JQuery

Web Development Course Contents

Our web development Training is a little bit difficult and designed for those who have learned our web designing course already, Otherwise, it will be more difficult to understand this course, so we highly recommend you to study our web design in course first before starting our web development course.
Following are the main contents that will be covered in our web development course
⦁ XAAMP Server
⦁ WordPress

Graphics Designing Course Contents

Graphics designing Training is totally based on practice and creativity that’s why after a lot of thinking we decided to focus on creativity instead of wondering around tools only. We will work on the following software according to the needs and trends running in the market.
⦁ Adobe Photoshop
⦁ Corel Draw
⦁ Adobe Illustrator

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is the most important part of any business to make visibility in search engines. We will focus

Video Editing Trainings

Our Video editing course consists of the different software by which the beginners will learn to become professionals then work for the industry. Following tolls, we will use
⦁ Wondershare Filmora
⦁ Adobe Premiere
⦁ Adobe After Effects

Online Earning Training

Today many of the beginners want to make money fast for this purpose they adapt many shortcut methods of making money online. But soon they use those methods becomes disappointed because they couldn’t collect so much money as they are told by people.
We will study the real online earning methods by adopting this one will never be disappointed. So keep studying our online earning training.

Latest Jobs Updates

As our main purpose is to help people those who want to do something but they are not able to access the chances so we have decided to help people by providing them jobs updates direct from the industry with complete job details and method to apply. So if you are one of those who is searching for jobs then I will suggest you be connected with us.

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