How To Add Transitions In Video Using Filmora 9 | Filmora Class 07

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In our previous lecture, we have learned about “How to do Advance Text Editing in Filmora 9”. That lecture was very interesting because the text is very important for any video. Guys in our today lecture we are going to understand the Transitions in Filmora. What actually transitions are? Why we use transitions in our video? How to Add Transitions in Video Using Filmora 9.

We will learn about the Transitions in this class, So understand this lecture very carefully as it is very important for you people. Before going to start this lecture if you have not learned the last lecture and all previous lectures I will recommend you to learn those first. Here is the Filmora Class 6: Advanced Text Editing in Filmora 9

Lets Start Class: How To Add Transitions In Video Using Filmora 9

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