How to choose a best domain name what is domain name .

Domain Name is the name of Your business online and it is very important to choose a good name to be better ranked in search engine.

There are few important tips must be kept in mind while choosing a domain name.

  1. Domain Name Should be Unique
  2.  Domain Name should be short 
  3. Domain Name must represent your business.
  4. Domain Name should be correct dictionary word.
  5. Domain Name should not contain special characters symbols and digits.
  6. Domain Name must be in better extension if your business is commercial then you must have a commercial .com domain if any other type of business choose relevant extension.
  7. Domain Name should be easy to remember and understand use call test technique to check the correctness of domain name.
  8. Domain Name is the key element to start your business online but now a days its a big issue to find a good domain name special in .com extension as these extension ave been saturated and any name good name is not possible to find ten people use some wrong techniques
  9. if you dont have any option then you can choose the domain name dont lie in these points but if you can avail in the above options will be much better to improve your presence in the search engine now a days there are thousands of extensions you can use anyone but what is best for your business is most important and what should we choose and why .
  10. Good domain s name have good value and easy to be improved in search engine and you can get advantages of these domains easily to improve your products and goods  you are selling or services you are providing can be easily be improved if the domain name is in a good category.
  11. Before starting any website must have a research in the category of the business and check what names use can use to search your business and it is much important to choose good name which are relevant to that industry will provide you much advantage and you can easily improve your presence in thee search before going to next step must focus on this activity of finding a good domain name and most of companies invest lot of amount in this areas they can buy premium or used domain name that already have some value in the search engines also those domains name are old enough that they are well known and can improve your business at startup .
  12. Once you have chooses a good domain name now you are at a stage to start your business in the industry and the second thing to start with is the hosting and the hosting is the space on live server where you can place your data or your website. So choose any of the good hosting providing company it is very important also to find a good hosting company as there are lot of companies and the hosting company also have much impact on your business presence in the search engine if the server you are hosting your website is efficient it will be easy for you to improve the ranking of our website if the server is not much efficient then it will be difficult for you to promote your business or you will have some sort of issues while working with your website so keep in mind having a good hosting company is also an important task so find a good company that is in easy access to you so that whenever you have any issue you can contact with them .There are thousand of companies proving services regarding this field but it is not always better for you to choose any one that is international company but most important is that company you can access easily or that can assist you easily or is in reach of you is better for you also must have atrial to test the services if they offer. as moving sever is also a hectic task.


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