WordPress is The most popular website engine in the world. WordPress released its new 4.9 version on November 16. WordPress 4.9 ‘Tipton’ quickly gained the status of a milestone in website design development and is predicted to become one of the major web development trends in 2018. Let’s see what features and improvements it harbors. Create a WordPress website.

Choosing a perfect platform for building a website or blog can be tiring and calls for research. There are many options to choose from the list of accessible Content.

Management Systems (CMSes). WordPress is one of them

“WordPress is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites”.

WordPress.org “powers more than 25% of the internet — with interests ranging from the news shaping our world to personal stories that shape our own families and lives”.

Now, let’s get straightforward with talking in detail about the WordPress.org. It is a powerful Content Management System which is famous for its One Click 5-minute Installation and that too, for FREE.

WordPress requires a hosting service to get your website seen by the world. You will have to pay to a web hosting service provider to get your self-hosted WordPress website online. Most of the best web hosting for WordPress service have pre-installed WordPress or one click installation

Create a WordPress website (Plugins)

WordPress gives the user/designer, a freedom to upload and take benefit from any number of free, paid and custom plugins available for use. Plugins are tiny but they make a huge difference! They add desired functionalities to your site, can make your site more optimized and user-friendly. However, with so many plugins available by so many authors today, it takes research to find the best one for your site and what works best for.A unique and custom domain name establishes your brand’s identity”.

The responsibility for keeping your website updated and regular backup of your self-hosted WordPress.org website falls on your shoulders (or your web hosting service providers, if you have hired one). It is your task to keep SPAM under control and what’s more important is that you have to keep up with the site’s security at all costs. While updating is considered good for your website, it may become a reason that can create hindrance in the functionality of the website! How? Each update comes with some new functions which may not be compatible with the existing plugins on your site and thus, plugins may not work efficiently or as expected. It implies that you will need to replace the old plugins. Don’t forget to back up your self-hosted WordPress website.

High monetization potential

The decision to monetize your blog/website is completely in your hands. If you have a website created with WordPress.org hosting service, you can leverage the traffic of your website/blog to earn money by placing an ad. Links and affiliate banners on your website. Make sure to place relevant ad banners and links onto your website so that the whole thing doesn’t look out of the place. This should be done strategically so as to earn high commissions on sales.


With your own website, you always have the option to install custom plugins to enhance the performance and reach of your website. The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most downloaded plugins by WordPress users. It takes care of the technical optimization by helping to choose a focus keyword, thus helping you to write better content. It also has some extensions like Yoast News SEO, Yoast Video SEO, and Yoast Local SEO. Choosing an SEO-friendly theme for your website is quite crucial to reap maximum benefits from

SEO point of view.

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” Choose actionable SEO strategies and implement them in a wise way. With WordPress.org or what we call self-hosted WordPress, you have full control over themes and plugins. You can easily modify the themes using our theme design software to suit your needs for your very own website – Your virtual address in the web world!


For installation of word press you just need a domain name and a hosting plan you can buy from anyone trusted web hosting or domain provider  once you have purchased the domain and hosting you will be provided with the details of Cpanel details from where you can log in to the Cpanel and after login you can go to the WordPress installation

Login to your WordPress CMS and install a theme

Once inside the hosting provider cPanel (essentially just the backend of your website) with WordPress installed, you need to login to your WordPress CMS (content management system) to actually start creating your site.

You log in using the WordPress account details that the hosting provider will have emailed to you.

Alternatively, you can navigate to your domain admin address, which will be http://yourdomain.xx/wp-admin to log in. You can also try WordPress installation on your local computer on the local server


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