How To Make Money With NEOBUX

Hello People! Today I am going to tell you about the real paying PTC Website NEOBUX. But sharing this with you I want to inform you about my previous post. In my last post, I have shared a complete process of How To Make Mony With Clixsense Without Investment. Clixsense is a Best PTC Website that pays you highly by performing easy simple tasks. If you didn’t read yet here is the link of the post for you to read click “How To Make Money With Clixsense Without Investment“.

Neobux Has a Good Reputation

Neobux is one of the Highly paying paid to click (PTC) sites among us, Neobux is paying from a large period of time to its users that’s why it becomes so much worthful and people trust on Neobux.

  • NeoBux is a serious European company born in Portugal and therefore subject to the strict European laws relating to business.
  • Most of PTC sites with the best intentions and the best business plan of this world could fail and close after 2/3 years due to bankruptcy. We see this bad situation almost every day (I have lost much money on these sites). NeoBux was born in 2008

Neobux Paying Strategy


Making money for clicking adverts with Neobux seems like a no-brainer right? Well, it kind of is, but that depends on how much you value your time? The reward for clicking on the adverts varies from 0.001 to 0.1 cents, and the bigger the reward, the longer the advert. But the ads can take quite a long time and I have calculated that it’s roughly an hours worth of clicking the 0.05 cent ads for about 40 cents, and that’s not a wage most people would be happy with.


After clicking your daily Fixed Ads, go to the Offer page and check the availability of some Mini job. If you want to make more money come to these offers page and see the offers available for you. Take a screenshot of each completed offer as a proof. If in any case, your offer does not pay you-you can contact the admin with the screenshots.


With Referrals, you can make the REAL money. Referrals are the normal person (as you and me). who click their daily ads and represent a gain also for us. Easy, isn’t?

«Oh my God!!! So I have to convince people to join this program with my referral link??  Please tell me is not true!!!»

However, this step shows you how to enroll new members, without talking with them.

How To Get More Referrals

  1. Go to your profile page and click on”Referrals”.
  2. There will be these blue switches. Click on the referrals pack you want and. done.
  3. Some things you should know about referrals

  4. Do you know? are referrals real person? YES, they are.
  5.  There are many ways to work with referrals. I, for example, rent them only when I have also the money to extend them for 240 days (reducing the risk to zero).

How To Withdraw Money From Neobux

Payment with PayPal had always been fast, in fact, I was always paid on the same day I cashed out. But since July 2017, you can no longer cash out through PayPal. Neobux admin stated that PayPal had done this as a precaution because another site had been scamming people and they didn’t want to associate themselves with PTC sites anymore. So I will let you know how quick payment is with another process.

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