How to Reset WordPress Admin Password

There are two ways to reset WordPress admin password if you have forgotten your admin password.

  1. Reset your password using WordPress forget password option
  2. Reset your Password through Database Using CPanel.

In the first case, it requires your email or username when you will enter your email or user name an email will be sent on the registered email against that user and that email consist a link for reset password.

Sometimes it happens you also forget your email or sometimes this approach does not work the email is not sent or you are not getting email or also have forgotten your username or email address as well then you can’t recover your WordPress password in this way then you have to try the second way and have to reset the password in that way.

How to reset WordPress Admin Password

For step 2 you have to Log into your c Panel provided by your hosting company where you have hosted your WordPress website

Go to CPanel login there and go to PhpMyAdmin option there which consist of WordPress databases there could be single or multiple database you have to find the exact one for the installation you have once you have been redirected to WordPress database there would be lot of tables that are created while WordPress installation you have to find the exact table contains the users details WordPress have by default wp_ table prefix in your case it could be something different but you have to find the table after prefix users like wp_users

Here wp_ is table prefix it could be different if you have set some different option for prefix now you will have a list of users in that tableHow to edit wordpress Phpmyamdin user table

Find the exact user you want to edit there would be an option at left of each table to edit keep in mind you will notice here the password in the user password field that would be encrypted you can’t directly see the exact password here you have to reset the password or you have to decrypt that password.

WordPress use MD5 encryption technique  now you have again two option one is to add new password in the password field and keep in mind before going to update by clicking on go button below you have to first choose the left side of the box a list of encryption techniques and in WordPress case you have to choose MD5 and then click on go your password would be reset now and use your new password you can also see here the username and email as well print the new details for later use.

How to change wordpress password

Hope you have understand how you can safely reset your password in WordPress the second option how to decrypt the password I will share in next article what is encryption and decryption there are different techniques to encrypt as well to decrypt normally we do study it in term cryptography that is the study of encryption and decryption is called cryptography.

Hope this will help you how to reset the admin password in WordPress stay connected with us for new updates and learning about the techniques.


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