How to Trim, Crop, Rotate and Adjust Video in Filmora 9 | Filmora Class 03

Hello Students! I hope you all are fine. Students in our previous class of Filmora we have learned complete Filmora layout and customization of filmora. Today is our class no 3 for video editing series of Filmora 9. In Today’s class we will discuss how to trim, crop, rotate and adjust your video in Filmora 9. We will discuss all these tools in Details. Hopefully, after this lecture, all of you will be fully able to apply these features in your videos in different ways.

Before starting the lecture I will recommend you to watch the previous classes first to understand this class in a good way. To Watch Filmora Class 02: CLICK HERE

Let’s Start the Video: Complete Filmora Class 03

Filmora Class 04: How to Edit Audio in Filmora 9

Note: Keep connected with us for all upcoming lectures as we publish one lecture daily.


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