Increasing Website Traffic from Facebook

Hello People! In my previous post about SEO, I shared about Increasing Website Traffic From Social Media. If you don’t read yet, Here is the link of that post read that Click Here. In this post, we will share Increasing website traffic from Facebook. How to Engage customers, build loyalty, and get people to visit your website.

Follow these 5 Simple Steps for Increasing Website Traffic from Facebook

STEP 1.  Regularly Publish Engaging Content

The most common and simple way to engage more customers to your website is to share the interesting tip, News and image for your products. You can share these several times in a week for better results fro facebook. Keep in mind to include your website on the facebook page with a good call to action, due to which Users will directly go to your website.

STEP 2. Create Facebook Ads to Increase Website Traffic

Create your ads on Facebook for increasing traffic to your website. These ads will appear large on different sides of facebook depending on the screen size of the device. These ads are optimized for generating more traffic on your site

STEP 3. Optimize Your Landing Page

Promoting specific URL OF WEBSITE or Facebook post ads, Only share related web pages. For example, when you have to share a product, Must add the website link for that specific product directly hitting users to your product page.

STEP 4. Target Your Ads

Facebook is providing many tools for targetting specific users/customers for increasing website traffic. Such as you can choose your required location, customers age, Gender and interest of the right people to whom you really want to target.

STEP 5. Measure and optimize

There are several ways to measure and optimize your ads for improved results:
  • Optimize for clicks bidding is great for increasing website traffic since it optimizes your ad for clicks and your ads will be shown to people most likely to engage with the content
  • Test various types of Page post copy, calls to action (CTAs), as well as images and offers to see which ones drive the most engagement
  • Use Page Insights and the Ads Manager to see which posts and ads are performing the best and which audiences are engaging the most
  • Ads Manager allows you to export specific reports to see which types of people are interacting with your ads. You can use this information to refresh your ad copy and images and continue running with the best performing ads.

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