Increasing Website Traffic From Social Media

As you know every business become online and everyone is in the race of increasing website traffic. The best and most used method is to increase your website traffic from social media. Many businesses are publishing content on social media, as a way to build their audiences and increasing website traffic.

If you are posting the real and unique contents with your great efforts then it’s your responsibility to be serious about increasing website traffic (Website traffic from social media) as possible. One of the best methods is to share your articles on social media more than once.

Increasing Website Traffic From Social Media Schedule

Right after sharing a post/article on your website/blog we share that on our social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Immediately through which we catch a certain number of visitors to our website/blog posts. I have experienced a post that is shared immediately on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ generates more visitors quickly to the related website/blog.

Increasing Website Traffic

But what happened when you share that post a second time OR Third time(Next day and the day after next day. . .) Did you ever think? Does the traffic become double?  Based on the law of diminishing returns, No. That’s not quite what happens during the second round of sharing keeping in mind about increasing website traffic from social media.

But when we share the contents second and third time, The combined results of the second and third round becomes more than the double targeted from the first time sharing. Are you agreeing with that? Yes, of course, it is my experience that you may also have done but not noticed what’s happening.

But most of us have confusion about this that sharing more and more gets chances of more clicks, There has been a big question of a lot of people whether this type of sharing is really come true?

Is It OK to Share Content More than Once?

Sharing contents more than once can result from many reactions. For example, sharing your content for the purpose of increasing website traffic, Some people can don’t care for sharing the content again and again on social media. But it is in often cases. Guess how many complaints do you have about this practice? Nothing Of course!

The truth behind this strategy is that no one cares about you what you are sharing and what others are sharing, People just notice that they needed only. As  I have shared the contents of my website for analyzing the results from social media having my strategy. And if they what is wrong with that? No one notices everything of us that we shares and a normal user don’t know the reasons for sharing. We are making them fool. RIGHT?

As  the audience who see/ read your posts are not like your subscribers who will read all of you upcoming and previous posts so


Your social media followers aren’t like RSS subscribers who see and read every post. In fact, sharing more than once probably is an essential part of providing your audience with the value you promised them. If you don’t share your links a few times, they may never see any of your updates.

How to Not Be a Spammer

While that strategy might lead to additional clicks (in the short term, at least), it is not the type of practice I am suggesting in this post. If you share too much, people eventually will learn to ignore your tweets, and probably will unfollow you altogether. If you are going to start sharing your content more than once, you need to abide by a few ground rules, such as:

  • Take your followers into consideration
  • Don’t turn into a spammer.
  • Consider your own habits
  • Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t like.
  • Always provide value.

If you agree then be ready and do an action on this experience of simple rules. You will be eligible for increasing website traffic from social media for your content that literally doubles your traffic.

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