Does Link Building Dead or Live.

Link building has now today have less worth but it does not mean it has no worth it have less value

90 percent matters your contents but when you have two competitors having good contents then who will be at the top is very important as well link building helps a lot in getting the index of your website or its ranking algorithm

So let us discuss first what link building is then we will go in detail the actual way and meaning of link building

Link building is like sharing links with a lot of  website like sharing on social media or on other websites

Sharing your link on other websites is called link building from there you will get a lot of visitors

In earlier Google shoes the page or website ranking Google show the pseudo ranking in old days it was an algorithm in old days when we search some keywords then the websites getting displayed we call them these sites are ranked no 1 no 2 by the way and the listing position on Google these sites are ranked higher

Same there is a trust rank if a website is at top of list on Google and Google will analyze this website if this site contains any link of other websites then Google will also check that one and give some value to that as well on basis of this website Google crawler comes on each website and scan all the website

And the site getting linked in this website it will also get a rank from the one site its trust will be increased with this trust your website ranking will be increased

Types of Links

Internal links and external link

Like if I told you for more details of for details about some other info go to this link this will help you to link

There are two types of links follow links and no follow links

Follow links means when someone clicks on that and he will go to some other websites

You can also add both the links follow and no follow this will help you to better results

A perfect link is a link on a trusted site on the op body section and it has a follow link

A link in the body page is a good link

But at the bottom, there are a lot of links Google skip these links normally

If a site has a lot of comments and all are links then this will not help

If you have la out of links and fewer links then these will help

Govt sites .edu sites and la out of sites having good traffic you will have good value you can also see from your competitors analysis as well you can post by yourself and so on these links will also help you much more and it will also improve ranking, major is the contents if you have good contents then you will have a content weight with that links.

  • Normally we do have some options people ask that you post comments on somewhere this does not support enough if you think like crawler  it scans a website and there if he sees link on body contents
  • Or some trusted sites or high-rank websites
  • You can check there in Moz or so on there you will get links building profile and this will help you more
  • Content is the king and SEO is the game of keywords
  • If your contents are good it will be shared with the layout of peoples it will create a link of that thing and you will get a lot of value form that links this is called link

5 Best Tips Ever Keep In Mind:

  • Social Media links
  • business directories
  • Register here you will ultimately get rank better
  • create blogs
  • exchange links
  • Guest post

creating these things will improve SEO score and will create trust transfer

Wikipedia Page if you can have it will be a great benefit it is the good backlinks

Real or fake links paid or unpaid

If someone pay and you get the link it is paid if you are using links of some of the websites this will help some

Of sites, you can also have an negative effect by links never try to get paid links as they will normally create a comment and there will be a bot this is not beneficial you must have the quality links and

Have relevant backlinks related networks will support you much more

Link building strategies are to be adopted.


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