Local SEO VS Global SEO

Seo by Yoast plugin also supports very much while updating your website for SEO before going to start you must understand the target for SEO you are going forward either you are doing locally or globally.

Whatever services you are going to provide local SEO have a great advantage if you have done things properly.

We have added contents and articles and so on for our services but sometimes we don’t get into the top of search engine locally then you are missing something.

If we search like services in the nearest country or city then our website or business should be listed on top.

Google show you map direction website and call to action option as well that supports a lot for user trust and interest.

How to register your business in Google

  • Go to Google my business here you have to register your business Each and every detail
  • There will be an option of request pin and this pin will be sent in 15 to 20 days.
  • If you can’t get this pin then there is an option to video call you can verify that this way your business will be register
  • Your intro line and title would be your products
  • We are the best in Lahore for dress shirts or some types of that
  • Make a copy of synonyms and make your contents related to that
  • Local SEO Global SEO you can do things locally and globally this will help you best

This was all about Google my business

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Link building

  • Link building goes to die, Link building has not much value now. it has a value it does not mean but not so much.
  • But you have to register in local business listing websites to make your business value in local Search.
  • keep in mind your Location must be the same in all locations.
  • The precise exact address then Google will help you with that.
  • Add your id’s on all listing websites and add your main keywords also.
  • Services never concentrate more than 3 percent for the keywords this will help you to find the best In all ways related to that.
  • Find the word that is your keywords and divide it by 3 you will get the density of your keyword.
  • Always add the address on your homepage and all details at top or bottom.
  • Always at homepage or at all pages, it will help you overall.
  • Schema Code help you tell Google the products and services are linked to Google registration
  • Register on all website add a link and address a format
  • Consents must be unique on all pages where you post your data then make it Happen it is very easy for local SEO
  • A lot of people do charge you a lot of amount on link building on other websites
  • A lot of people have a huge  budget for that register all your websites or business On Google it will help  you a lot

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