Priya Prakash put under house Arrest after wink video Viral into a web sensation!

Making inconceivable progress medium-term with a minor ‘wink’, Malayalam on-screen character Priya Prakash Varrier says she needs to become famous past the ‘wink young lady tag sometime in the not so distant future’.

In discussion with the media, the 19-year-old star dug into insights about her forthcoming film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ that will see the light of day on February 14.

At the point when asked concerning how she’s dealing with the ‘wink young lady tag, Priya uncovered:

“The ‘wink young lady’ tag is certainly helping me a great deal with all the acknowledgment and notoriety. In any case, I might want to exceed that tag sometime in the not so distant future. At first, it was difficult to acknowledge that something like this was going on. I am attempting to appreciate it.”

Uncovering a stunning point of interest, the wink sensation shared that she was put under house capture for a couple of days by her folks who progressed toward becoming strained because of her quickly expanding prominence after her viral video got consideration of the whole country.

“We were attempting to deal with it together. Since everything was unfamiliar to me just like my family. The facts demonstrate that I was not given PDAs or anything. For a couple of days, I was under house capture and I was not permitted to go out on the grounds that my folks were strained. The media individuals would turn up at my entryway without educating. I wound up returning from my school and giving them meets in my school uniform. I needed! Individuals simply turned up at my entryway and asked, ‘Is this Priya Varrier’s home? Can we simply observe her? Would we be able to meet her?’ My father would make up some story like ‘she isn’t here’, ‘she is in the lodging’, something to that effect,” she said.

Priya Prakash put under house Arrest after wink video Viral into a web sensation!
Priya Prakash put under house Arrest after wink video Viral into a web sensation!

On managing the loss of protection in the wake of turning into the most Googled big name in India, Priya stated, “I wouldn’t state there is lost security. At first, there was a check-in time at home that you can’t go out like previously. In any case, I would not like to abandon those things. I truly appreciate going out with my companions and doing each one of those typical things.

The celebrity will be seen making a presentation in Bollywood in an up and coming film ‘Sridevi Bungalow’ which will be discharged in the not so distant future.


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