Advanced SEO Strategies 2018 In our Previous article related to SEO that was Best SEO Practices   We have discussed in detail the introduction of Google and hope you have learned a little bit about SEO. Now we will discuss the next things about to move forward on how to start your own business and the best techniques.

SEO is needed in today world because there is no alternative except that in order to promote or grow your business it is necessary to proceed SEO without SEO you can’t do anything better on the internet you cant grow your sales and services and send your message to the targeted audience.

SEO is most necessary in every way to grow your business or to start it as a career in the field. SEO requires a website or portal or blog you have that will represent your business and services there are few things required to start your own website that we have already discussed in the earlier article related to WordPress and online earning , so here I will go through with a perception that you have a website and you want to promote it and you wish to earn through it.

In later I will also share with you the few steps how to start with or take a step toward this.
We are starting a website or a business or blog for making it a source of online earning here I will share with you how you can improve the performance and later on also will share with you how you can use it as a business or how you can earn through it.

Steps that are most important now a days to improve your business or website

1.Website Speed

As websites are growing and everyone is in race to make its website at the top list of Google according to some research and statics it came into knowledge that if a website has a speed more than 3 to 5 seconds the website is considered to be lazy or slow in speed and if the speed of a website is slow you will be definitely missing your lot of customers and your revenue will be decreased a research have shown the better results and almost 40 percent increase in revenue of a website when its speed was increased means a website which was loading in 5 seconds came to 2 to 3 seconds its revenue was increased.

So in this fact we have come to know that Google has made speed also a ranking factor if your site is lazy google will not rank it better as google wish the customers having a slow speed internet must also get advantage from the websites and users have not to keep on waiting for websites loading.

This is not only the speed of first or the main page you must have to check the speed of some internal pages there are a lot of speed test tools but few are most important in an earlier article I have shared the best speed measuring tools, here again, I am mentioning you can go in depth to the article best website speed test tools.
Google Speed test tool
google does do not measure the exact speed it measures the code to content ratio and no of files and images and their sizes
Gtmetrix is the best tool that shows exact stats of speed also suggestions and issues on your website are highlighted you can find them and can solve them
Pingdom tools
Pingdom Tools is also the best tool to measure the website with a lot of information and stats as well as suggestions.

2. Google Webmasters errors and fixes report google search console

We have already discussed about Google AdSense as well Google Adwords Google Analytics and Google Webmasters is one of the best tools that also suggest and assist us in case of some issues and errors in our website that Google Bots have found and would be listed there in Google Analytics as well it shows the statics of your websites keywords being searched and there position locations and a lot of other information.

Here you will find some errors you must have to fix them on priority normally some server errors some URL errors DNS errors in server connectivity as well some access errors you must keep on watching it regularly and remove the errors mentioned there I will share later on the ways to remove these errors these are normally some simple and easy to be fixed.

3 Keywords Research

This is one of the most important factors in order to promote your website or business you must have an idea about the keywords and must have to make a critical research related to that the things you are going to share in website where do they exist and what is being searched in search engine which are the most important keywords that have a great search volume means if you rank with them this will help you much more.

I will in details discuss the keywords research basically Google has made this tool for his advertisers means the people who want to advertise with Google on Google Adwords there they will have a research and analysis of the best keywords and there pricing search volume and cost per click and lot of other terms which I will discuss with you in the next article in details about Google AdWords and be making a better research for keywords there are a lot of other tools as well as those help us to have a keywords research.

We have to find the best keywords that have a huge search volume means a lot of users are searching these keywords and we can also use the keywords of google suggestions when we type something in google it shows some options in search as well in the bottom of search results this means these are the best which are most often searched by users
You can also find a list of keywords your site is being already ranked those keywords.

You will find in Google Analytics the visitors coming on your website on basis of which keywords you will notice these keywords in Google Search Console in Google Webmasters as well in Google analytics you will notice the source of traffic on your website and the keywords there time and pages on which userland and the time user spend on website all these things google will show you in Google Analytics and Webmasters.
You can also make a keywords research on SEMRUSH this is also the best tool for keywords analysis.

4 Content development

Contents are the major source of juice means you are getting traffic is only due to contents and the contents are your text images and videos that you are sharing.
Contents have the most important role in website ranking and this is the only thing you are getting paid by google so always focus on contents you must have the relevant contents in websites for users that can help users.

If your contents attract users then you will be definitely get paid. It is not necessary to publish on a daily basis best practice is to publish less often but the pretty good contents if you have published amazing contents you will be definitely get paid the contents that help others.

5 Highly Practical Contents

Make your contents insanely actionable means that must attract user and make them take action the contents must be highly practical not the ambiguous contents if you have practical contents this will rank you fastly and you will get advantages earlier than the contents that are not highly practical you will lose users and your revenue.
According to researches highly practical contents go viral in 34% more than nonpractical
contents so always post the contents that are more practical user can get advantage easily and fastly.
also according to the latest researches, you must have long articles that must also contain at least 1800 to 2000 words attracts more users.

6 Make Infographics as a part of the contents.

if you contents contain only the text you will not get better results with statics it has been analyzed contents having infographics images and graphs stats and information like that get and attract more visitor that the contents without infographics always make infographics as a part of the contents where you can.

7 Publish your page on a short URL

Your page URL means that is showing the page must be in short URL small keywords instead of long words this is also the latest update in SEO earlier we were using the URL to belong containing the whole keywords but according to latest researches and Google updates it has been analyzed short URL are most important and rank better than long URL also, include target keywords in the first 100 words of your article also add outbound links to your page
other contents reference for that content promotions and link building.

8 Link Building and Backlinks

Backlinks are also important but nowadays are not much important enough but they have the value if you have on a good high valued websites backlinks it will help much better in website promotions.
always check broken links in your website you can use some extensions that will help you out to find some broken links in your websites or articles.

check my links extension is used to analyze the broken links.
There are also some other important tips and points will discuss in the next article you would be thinking I haven’t yet updated you the exact way how to start online earning or how to start your business in very easy way I am coming to the point steadily once you will have all the basic knowledge and awareness about the basic things then I will definitely share the options and soon in our next few articles. I will also discuss the still remaining points
to optimize your website and pages also the rank algorithm user bounce rate some other facts and knowledgeable contents.
So stay connected with us.

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