Silicon Valley in Danger

China is becoming a technology hub and now Silicon Valley is in danger. In Begging Capital of china, you will notice all around huge skyscrapers and hoardings written START S.

It is a region in china known as (Zhongguancon) here a small narrow street known as (Entrepreneurship Street).

Where Chinese mobile apps and cafes are decorated in a world best pattern in a streamline sequential where young University completion students working in a company (Tian Yang) are busy in making an application and social network website that will be able to identify faces form more than two Arab people’s faces.

This app has very interesting aspects it will not only identify the faces will connect people throughout the world also most amazingly it will be used to track the criminals and enemies their positions activities and a lot of more.

This will identify just in one second and will display all details and information position and tracing.

Tian Yung is trying to compete for this in the current year and will be launched soon.

START S also have launched video online education website know as (ten thousand countries)

facial recognition app china

This provides chines students information and consultation about online education and international education with increasing traffic and smogs this booming app has become a part of China every day to all peoples.

College graduate uses this app to find out the government jobs parents are very happy to see their kids using this app in their social activities and purposeful way.

In China, their common public is not happy with the government jobs or some rather jobs like that they eager to do any sort of online business and everyone in China is following to be a sheave job.

Silicon valley is in danger

In China, there are a lot of businesspersons who have taken part all over the world in a lot of industry.

The most popular in all business in China is (ALI BABA) that have done huge business in the year 2018 which is the sale of 30 Arab and 30 Cror Dollar in the year.

In addition, the China Most branded huge mobile company whose CEO is (XIAOMI)

Who has his own Online-shopping portal in Begging, which has sale volume of average 10 Billion Dollar?

In China 90 percent of the work is being done online even you need a car bicycle or anything is done online.

Recognize face

Online Landing Bikes Company CEO who is CEO (DAI WAI) have made an average of 2 billion dollar business in the year 2018.

In past decades, it was claimed that China is master making copies and they are following the American technologies but now we can see that China is innovative in all the technologies.

Now China has proved they are at the top in most of the technologies Mobiles bikes e-commerce and even the fastest railway system is there in China which have made China the world Superpower in and have a great social and moral impact on the world.

In China, everywhere you will see the impact of technology in the living of peoples and all around even recently China has introduced the

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