Technology by 2030

More than 500 Billion devices objects will be connected with the internet by  2030 including tables cars and most importantly people around the globe .Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live work and solve problems .and we truly believe that the more people and things connected use heads we will have the more opportunities to change the world.

Imagine harnessing the digital  revolution to accelerate the global problem solving to help people and change the world around using technology.

We have the potential to create the skilled solutions that address the worlds greatest challenges using the technology.

While providing the digital skills needed for peoples the majority of jobs in future will acquire some digital skills with these skills the global problems solver can probably be able to solve the issues of poverty unemployment sudden climate change and hunger.A global problem solver is anybody empowering his efforts to make the people safe and healthy. it could be any young man or women creating any thing and providing online around the world.

it could be people empowering organizations making there efforts to solve the issues in society.It could be a teacher training the people practically to tackle the worlds issues or design and maintain networks chain the digital academy is based on networks. In the world of 170 countries about 6 million peoples are trained in IT through some programs as a result of that we are now able to have such a great world. The digital revolution will transform every aspect of our live we should ensure weather this revolution is inclusive or not as a leaders we have the responsibility to design the world in much better way.We should positively impact our community then the whole world will change automatically if we individually make this effort.




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