This Pakistani  Build His Own Handmade Dream Car in 4 Years

Doing what you love gives you immense satisfaction. As they say, ‘Do what you love, love what you do’.

What if I told you that an electric welder spent 9000 hours to make his own handmade car from scratch? Now that’s passion in the truest sense of the word.

Here’s what the end product looks like.

This Pakistani  Build His Own Handmade Car in 4 Years
This Pakistani  Build His Own Handmade Car in 4 Years

A welder by profession, Mirza Abdul Majeed decided to do something different and embarked on a project to create a totally handmade car in his little workshop in Rawalpindi. He was assisted by his two sons.

Listen to his story here.


Pakistani Welder's Handmade Car.پاکستانی ویلڈر کی تیار کردہ گاڑی.

Posted by Mirza abdul majeed on Thursday, January 3, 2019

Making a car in Pakistan can be a daunting task, however, Abdul Majeed made sure he didn’t give up. He started from the car’s wheelbase and worked his way to the body eventually.

handmade car by pakistani
handmade car by Pakistani

Equipped with a 660cc engine, the car didn’t make use of computerized designs. From chassis to the steering system, drive pedals, driveshaft, fuel tank, and exhaust, all were made by the man himself using small tools and no blueprints.

car by pakistani
car by Pakistani

While there would have been doubts about the performance of the car, the skepticism was laid to rest once Majeed took out the car for its first road test after 4 years of hard work. The car did great!

pakistani made a car
Pakistan made a car

Creating the car’s body was a huge challenge, considering he had little means and no designing systems to help him out. Majeed did not compromise on the quality even if he had to spend weeks on a single body part.

car made by Abdul Majeed
a car made by Abdul Majeed

Hard work does wonders and it is true for this electric welder who spent four years building his dream car.


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