Dear Students and learners i am going to share with you the basic knowledge of HTML at start and stay connected with us to improve your skills and and become a good expert in the most growing field of Web Market. Contents I will share with are just a reference not the ultimate in order to improve your knowledge and strengthen your skills you must keep yourself updated with the most recent technologies trends and research in the market.

I will try my best to make you enough you may understand the things easily and move forward. Your reviews and suggestions will be warmly appreciated i am making a small effort to forward my Knowledge to other peoples who are searching for this. As a human being there are possibilities of errors and mistakes I will appreciate your suggestions and guidance to improve them.

Thanks Stay Blessed.


HTML an overview.

Html is the basic language to step forward in this field before moving forward i will let you know how to start and how you can become an expert in this field.

Nothing is difficult and impossible the only thing is your commitment and passion for this if you are passionate then here it is an open market go forward if you are not committed and passionate then this is not for you to choose this area.

Things are pretty much simple and easy but the major thing is your consistency as well practicing things and having not the accurate results then re preaching sometimes it feels that we cant do it but that is the stage when you get errors and you instead of those errors you stay connected with that and think for that you learn at that stage and you move forward.

Tools and gears needed to start.

Mainly there are no extra tools to start with this except few one you need a good PC or Laptop that may run the latest and heavy not so much software’s initially we will need Dreamweaver and later on we will also use Photoshop.

From where you can get these software’s and how to use them.Above mentioned software’s are Adobe production and you can easily find them  on   Adobe Official Website 

Click on the above link it will lead you to the Adobe Official Website there you can download the Latest version that is Adobe CC keep in mind it will take some time to download depends on your Internet speed and is little bit heavy software Once you get downloaded I will recommend you never download from any other website as lot of websites have listed to download but you cant access them instead of getting the virus no accurate files are found always try to download things on the reliable websites otherwise you will loose your data on computer or your system will crash if someone have that issue later on i will guide you if you have been encountered with those issues how to tackle with them or how to remove viruses form your computer technically instead of Antiviruses .

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OK the most important thing is you have downloaded the software now you can install it as a trial version dont try to find the cracks once again you will be encountered with the issues.I will share here with you the crack that will work fine and you will have no issue of the virus and its procedure how to crack it.Once you have done with that you have installed Dreamweaver now you are ready to go forward to tackle the web designing.

Things are pretty much awesome keep connected with us i will be right back with the next article that will have bunch of information how to code with Html and some other tricks.

Hope the information will be useful enjoy it and share with the people you care .

Stay Blessed Good Night.

Seikho aiming to improve the  technical education and skills to move forward

Nothing can support you only the knowledge and skills you have will lead you in all circumstances always keep on improving your knowledge first  and forever and be practical.



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