What is Fate?

Things that can’t be changed with our full power or energy if we think about what we can change there is a huge list which can be changed and few things that can’t be changed.

We have problems in Indo Pak the mythologist have made us blank inside we have Indian culture the pundit they cant run until making us blank inside. We have wrong believes we have borrowed the concepts of fate from the mythologist due to that we can’t develop yourself due to that mythology we can change ourselves .

Dr Abdul Kalam said

“We can’t change our future at any cast but we can change our habits and habits can change our future”.

We are the most valuable peoples we have lot of facilities even better than the Mugfuls.

List down your habits and try to change them you will change yourself don’t ask you are unlucky you have everything.

We whole life believe on the fate and say again and again and never try to do anything we have lot of developments add mentors in your life add teachers you can change whatever I can’t change is not our tension. Make a list and try to change them you will lead the best trust Allah. Find out your area of interest and try to change them.










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