What is HTML

HTML is an acronym of  HyperText Markup Language is the basic langued for web designing and development. It is the standard Markup language used to design web pages.

HTML describes the structure of web pages using the markups.

HTML consists of two things Elements and Attributes.

Elements are defined which tells the web browser what to do or create

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Here is an example of HTML  basic structure the main elements to start with html


<head> Starting Tag

<title> Seikho.com</title>

</head> Closing Tag





HTML is not  K- Sensitive (Case Sensitive) it means you can write HTML code in both small and capital notation the output will be same in both the cases.

HTML does not understand spaces enters and tabs it means you can write the whole code in a single line or as you wish to format you can use it only understand single space and eliminates all extra spaces.

All the above we have discussed were some elements in HTML there are two major things in HTML Elements and Attributes we have discussed above

what are HTML Attributes 

Attributes are used to control the HTML Elements we describe attribute as which tells the web browser how the element should be displayed means how you want to see the element you will use its attributes in HTML we can control elements by their attributes. Every element has some attributes few elements have default values for their attributes and at some places, we use them and some places not necessary it’s our choice to use them or not.

Here is an example to write attributes in HTML

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Here is an example of HTML Attributes  we have just used a single attribute of body elements

Note:- Attributes are always written inside the starting tag of an element and its way is type space after element and then the name of the attribute then = “value of attribute”  and you can use multiple attributes using the same standard type another space and repeat the same one



<title> Seikho.com</title>


<body bgcolor=”blue”>




Here we have just used a single attribute of body element body have another attribute background you can use that one as well bgcolor is used for background color and the background is used for background image so you can use both at once but it will display only the image if you use both

Note:-You can use any editor to write the code for HTML there are a lot of editors but the few one most common or basic you can use is Notepad, Notepad+ +, Brackets,  sublime text, Dreamweaver, Netbeans  and many more

Notepad is the basic one at startup you can use it but the professional work is done normally in Dreamweaver sublime or NetBeans these are the best one used in the market.

This was in the introduction to HTML hope you have enjoyed soon I will come to share some more contents about the intro and also some video lectures as well stay connected with us improve your knowledge first to be successful in your practical life stay blessed to have a nice time Good Bye.





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