WhatsApp High Alert

WhatsApp high alert Punjab Government have announced high alerts accounts are being hacked and your information gets leaked. Don’t use any URL forwarded by someone towards you showing you the message that you can win something by sharing any message to your friends or any new information is being launched by WhatsApp don’t bother that you can lose your whole information your data and everything in your mobile.

WhatsApp Web Malware

over a billion users, it’s almost certain that malicious cyber  criminals would look to exploit the popular messaging app. WhatsApp announced the launch of a web interface and desktop application in January 2015. Unsurprisingly, hackers were quick to pounce with fake WhatsApp websites and applications that stole data and distributed malware so never open links that you don’t understand or you don’t know or not in your understanding

Few hackers are trying to hack your WhatsApp by sharing some links to you and while you click or share them like some of lottery options these are also being used for

WhatsApp Hacking
WhatsApp Hacking

few urls are getting viral don’t use them or share them. Hackers can also access your contact list and other things in your mobile and can misuse them so use carefully till any other notification from the Punjab Government. You will also get a message like WhatsApp new update to view the users who block you Block Notifications you don’t care about.


The update should ensure you never get bugged by pointless alerts from the app in the future don’t go to that update of any link or app for that as there is no app launched this is just  a hacking technique.

So be careful don’t install any app that ask you to have desktop application for WhatsApp this spreads malware and regenerates


Since the messaging platform WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, its growth has been unstoppable. The app now boasts over a billion users each month who send over 30 billion messages per day.

WhatsApp has strengthened their security over recent years by adding two-step verification, and automatic end-to-end encryption. Despite this, there are still some security threats you need to know about.





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